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Great Minds Think Alike, or: Old Town Social is All Over Booking This Week's Hottest Events

Chelsea Stevens

A young woman bent on world (and news) domination, I am currently an undergrad student at DePaul University majoring in journalism.

For those of you who haven't already heard, ChicagoNow will be hosting two neighborhood meet-ups on Tuesday, February 23rd in honor of the site's newest hyperlocal community pages: Old Town Now and Gold Coast Now

If you are a member of either the Old Town or Gold Coast community, definitely come out to one our events! There will be community members mingling, information about how to contribute to the blogs, and, best of all, free food and drinks! 

For more information on the Old Town Now event, check out our Facebook event page and for more information on the Gold Coast Now event check out their site! Make sure to tell allllll of your Old Townie and Gold Coasty friends to come out too!

Come One! Come All!

Alright, I'd say that's enough self-promotion for one blog! 

On a (slightly) separate note, in order to promote the Old Town Now event,  I invited all of the members of the Old Town Merchants and Residents Association via e-mail. One member e-mailed me back almost immediately asking if I realized that we were hosting our event in the same week and at the same place as The Social Network's charity event. 

According to their website, The Social Network is an "exclusive social club dedicated to giving single professionals a unique, comfortable environment in which to meet other like-minded people". And, lo and behold, according to NBC-5, The Social Network is, indeed, holding an event at Old Town Social on Thursday night in order to benefit the Haitian Health Foundation

Old Town Social is home to not only our event this week...

Go figure that both events are in the SAME place during the SAME week. Also, in addition to that first e-mail I have since gotten about 12 other e-mails who are wondering if our "event that is promoting a site for community social networking" is the same thing as "The Social Network event".

So, just to clarify, the Old Town Now event is NOT associated with The Social Network event, it was just one of those of freak accidents that our events are happening during the same week and have eerily similar words in their descriptions and titles, respectively.

Side Note: Old Town Now is more than willing to cover The Social Network event on Thursday with our social networking tools that we will be discussing on Tuesday. There! That's not confusing at all!

I have a suspicious feeling we are going to end up with more eligible bachelors at our event than active community members...



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