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A time to heal God's earth

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Ingrid Bridges

Since childhood my parentsgroomed me for a future in the arts. I guess my creative juices were flowing even then, and my pen can attest to that.

A few weeks back, Japan suffered a massive earthquake, the largest yet to hit a major country. Over 10,000 people perished, leaving a spirit of solemness raoming across the entire world. No one can say God was not watching, His hand  of mercy reached down into some rubble where an 80 plus year old grandmother and her grandson was nearly buried alive, but they were found and are living today....surely cheers and tears of joy was heard. Many people were holding on to life  for merely a week and they too, survived.

 The Mayans predict that more earthquakes, natural disasters, violent storms and yes, earth shattering movements will occur leading up to the year 2012, when the whole world is suppose to shift off its axel, then what will we do? Decide to pray like never before?

For me and my household praying daily helps us to better cope with the unusual occurences that happen to us and around the world. No matter who or what happens to people of any nation, country or continent, our prayers are  with them.

 Prayer has always seem to work things out for me in one way or another. Circumstances seem  to move along better,  like a slow windmill on a lonely country side road in the deep south on a very warm summer day, but they move along just the same.  Prayer has a way of clarifying things, putting misunderstood situations, and events in perspective.

Reading biblical text helps me to also visualize how far people of different nations, tribes and ethnic groups coped with natural disasters in the past, many concluded that such goings on  like today's disasters were natural occurences, but biblically, it is reported that such disasters served as warnings from God.

 If that belief is true today, a lot of people need to take heed that something bigger is brewing in the heavenlies, and maybe we all should take a minute or maybe a few minutes to reflect, meditate, pray and take note that today's natural disasters are symbols all humankind should not take lightly.

 Tsaunamis,  earthquakes in Haiti, New Zealand, Japan, horrid floods, electrical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and mudslides are all symbols of a higher power at work.  Call it "Mother Nature" or just the universe belching, having an upset stomach, lets face it there must be an explaination for it all, scientifically speaking, if nothing else.

Unfortunately, we see these visual images of what is happening, while its happening via the internet or on our local news stations, but what about what we don't see? Like the tears of little children, mothers, fathers, families being torn apart, commerce being affected and most of all the end of life for so many of all walks of life.

 The time of healing is truly needed, maybe in the hearts of us all. Maybe we should pray a little harder for the entire human race. Imagine if the entire world began praying simultaneously, what a powerful move forthe human spirit.

Hearing  people praying for love to abide; praying for brotherhood among all men; praying for hunger to cease for all people around the world; praying for homelessness to be erased from the earth; prayer for equality to be restored where injustice has had a field day; prayer for harmony, peace and most of all unity among all people around the world; and finally a prayer of forgiveness to melt the hearts of all men, old and young.

 I think with such an influx of prayers falling on heaven's door step that maybe, just maybe, God will heal the land. 




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