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Our time to surrender all

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Ingrid Bridges

Since childhood my parentsgroomed me for a future in the arts. I guess my creative juices were flowing even then, and my pen can attest to that.

Our world is surely in a sad place these days. Disasters have become as common as a sunrise and a sunset.

Universally, people of all races, ethnicity and, faiths are experiencing trouble on every side. No one, no matter how rich or poor, are not without some form of unexplained heartache. No sign of ease appears to be no where in sight.

Questions by those who fear God are asking "What has happened to this wonderful place God gave His beloved creations? What are people doing to deserve such troubling times as these? Have mankind taken the everyday freedom of their God given life for granted?

Maybe people have taken all acts of life's goodness, like the pursuit of happiness, a pure sense of charity, acts of benevolence, common courtesy, brotherhood and the universal emotion called love for one another, totally for granted. There is a slim possibility many people have been put under the same trance, not to care for anyone but only oneself and, forgotten about what "living life" and "sharing a life with others" really means in this big world we all live in and share.

For some strange reason "sincere mercy" has become a meaningless term these days. It appears that those words are no longer taught, felt, given, received, thought of or practiced by any world system, group or establishment on an ordinary day.

Unfortunately, my dear friends, our world has grown cold, like a dark black and white silent movie, where no one is listening to the warnings of God. Wickedness appears to be a daily vitamin for those who care not and have not a care in the world or for it.

While everyone else is scrappling for survival, forget about having the better things in life; survival seems to be the most valuable commodity. The pain of a dying humanity is being felt in big homes and little homes, wealthy families and not so wealthy families; the poor have always knew how to exist but even the strong are taking cover, hiding from the fall of times.

Like Pharoah did so long ago - thanks to his own self interest and personal greed for more and more, people withered away. Today nation after nation, country after country, state after state, city after city, all are experiencing similar plagues and warnings like long ago from natural disasters, volcanoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, oil spills, mud slides, floods, famine, tsunamias, poor economy, high gas prices, massive homelessness, excessive crime, violence, constant scams, massive takeovers, and even families are being torn apart.

Can mankind provide a simple solution in order to bring humanity back to a sense of normality? As an avid Bible reader, studying lifestyle trends of old, such writings indicated that an escalating sinfulness in the land caused such plagues and eventually the end of times. So what does that analogy say about today's humanity?

After reading how God told Noah to build an ark to survive a forthcoming flood that would end the world after 40 days and 40 nights of rain and, how he obeyed God, gave me a glimmer of hope for our uncertain times.

Apparently the world was such a wicked place even then as mankind boasted and waddled daily about their sinfulness. Being the author of all life, God's plan to begin humanity again with only a chosen few in His back pack ensued with Noah, his family and a zoo of every animal that walked the earth - despite His warnings, even then, man still changed not and rain fail. Are we facing such a time again?

Remembering what my grandmother use to say "If man would turn from their wicked ways, make a sound choice to surrender to God and, ask for total forgiveness, then, will He and, only He will heal the land." When it comes to this world's troubling state, I believe her words are more timely now than ever.



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