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The death of the American dream

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Ingrid Bridges

Since childhood my parentsgroomed me for a future in the arts. I guess my creative juices were flowing even then, and my pen can attest to that.

The ultimate American dream of a nice house with a white picket fence, apple pie and raising a family is no longer cutting it these days. That dream is long forgotten, instead people are literally taking cover for their lives.

Yes, God's best creation, human beings, have somehow welcomed a horrible way of life to rest upon the earth, by allowing our young to die too early while turning false heads the other way in the process. Where has our mixed up values and our tainted spiritual beliefs taken us? Why such selfishness now?

Are we hearing wrong messages from our religious institution's pulpits? Are we no longer aware that the evil that men do is not only wrong but of a sinful nature?

Such a nature is killing our families future. Our young children, even middle aged men are dying way before their time. Across America blows a wind of terrible violence, and premature deaths are running good law abiding people somewhat mad because they don't know what to do about it. Does this mean that our values are in a stupor, or that our religious beliefs are being compromised leading us to sit down too much and not stand for justice at all like so many who walked before us?

Who can humanity blame for this wild, wild west wave of violence hitting our American streets? Who is the bad man in all of this chaos? We know that the gangster style behavior has never really been ridden from our society - the world glorifies the likes of Dillinger, Capone, even the boston strangler.

The behavior of killers is not something new - if we examine our world's history going back centuries, man have been viciously killing since the beginning of human creation. Brother against brother, sister against sister, even parents killing their offspring is nothing new according to biblical statistics. However, today a colder wind is blowing fresh from the pit of hell, reminding us all that God's message of love is dying too.

When a 13 year old child is gunned down with 22 bullets on Chicago's south side, this form of ageless demonic activity needs addressing on a spiritual level. Who would allow such a crime to occur in their own front yard, knowing that this type of useless behavior could accelerate, especially when someone really knows who the real villains are?

Is this a trick of the enemy, turning the gun sideways to magnify another form of useless killings of the innocent by those in power across the nation? The sword cuts both ways. Killing innocent people is wrong no matter who holds weapon. Maybe God is trying to tell us all that His eyes on are still on the sparrow, watching the just and the unjust too.

In biblical times, especially the Old Testament, violent behavior was labeled "a curse upon humanity." When one was hurt, all was expected to also hurt. Since, such ruthless behavior has grew in depth, in width and yes, density. Sounds sort of like biology equation, but spiritually speaking, wickedness is not new to religious scholars or theologians who guard God's profound works close to their hearts. For God has His way of taking out the bad, wicked and horrible souls on earth with the waving of His hand, and often by spilling the blood of innocent people. He has done it in year past.

When Cain killed his brother Abel, the world was a much smaller place. Soon thereafter, the Tribe of the Canaanite eventually began interacting with other tribes. Now, today, we are living with a generational curse of one man's viciousness. Like anything that has a potential to grow, this generational curse is now stronger, bigger and in most instances, greater. Did people turned their heads, look the other way back then, hoping this deranged behavior would cease, die out and go away forever? NOT....

As a God fearing people, as Christians, Agnostics, Muslims, Buddhist, Mormons, and those of numerable religions, have we hidden our sense of duty to our fellow man by burying our heads in a trunk in the attic hoping this evil will go away too?

Our youth are not so much to blame for the evil they do, we, the strong and able minded, we who are believed to be holy people are just as much to blame for the weakness they have inherited. Whenever nobility has left the building, the streets, the block, the home, the courthouse, the big house, and the hearts of men, then what else is there?

Not everyone reads the Bible, not everyone is a church goer, or believer in the creator, but for the sake of Heaven on earth would somebody tell our children, our youth, even our adults that God' will soon have the last laugh, even when the world is crying out. If God never gave us a guide to learn from I could sympathize.

Maybe we all should go back to the happier times in America and take some notes. Maybe we should read what was being written by writers and reporters back then. Maybe listen to the music that was being performed back then, or look at the media blurs that was posted back then, to truly see what was being highlighted to inform and educate the people of the land. And maybe, just maybe we will discover that godliness played a huge part in the lives of the good, the bad and even the ugly. Back then, the fear of going to the place called hell was real, the lives of the innocent was upheld and nurtured for a sound future and the fear of God's wrath was not only regarded, but upheld by all in power.  Would someone preach on that?




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