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We must believe again

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Ingrid Bridges

Since childhood my parentsgroomed me for a future in the arts. I guess my creative juices were flowing even then, and my pen can attest to that.

We are living in uncertain, perilous times where wicked winds blow across our communities  killing our youth. Our babies days of having fun on playgrounds appears to be a thing of the past, for gun shells have taken residence where candy and gum rappers once laid.

We, as God fearing vessels of faith, as a summoned leadership, must believe that this evil phase will one day soon fade away.  The operative term "fade away"  is one we must believe is possible in order to disseminate life's horrid phase we label as "violent times."  

As members of the same godliness, representatives of social service organizations, faith based institutions, as goverment bodies, as neighbors, as parents, and mainly parents, we have much to do to relinquish today's present face of a crying humanity. We, the strong and intelligent ones, cannot give up nor give into this wave of horror that is dancing in our streets across America.

 What if God had given up on His creation when evil ran rapid in the days of King Herrod, or Ceasar, or King Solomon,  or Abraham, or Noah, would we be here to recall His vengence, His mighty works to save humanity?

We say trust God for certain impossible wonders in our lives; better health, a sense of wealth, even necessary food and sustaining shelter, why not trust God to give human kind the means,  ammunition, abilities and most of all, the know how to combat this evil spell of youngsters murdering one another.

In retrospect, today's social illness of murder gone mad has one too many times showed it's face before. Biblically speaking, when Cain killed Abel, the ruthless madness began a kindred fire that has burned century after century, a pocket here and a pocket there.  However, when society began to take a closer look at the moral decay growing around them, when neighbors became more interested in their neighbors welfare, human compassion stood up blowing a different breeze into the world's violence causing it's small fires to grow dim.

This way of life was not so long ago. It was a time when our world was a place where human contact was felt, human fraility was comprehended, yes human compassion had a face, a touch and even a smell. Life was worth dreaming about. People,complete strangers on a park bench shared stories, everyday people on public buses would talk about their hope for tomorrow, somehow they would even dream together as a society. They believed together as a community, an humanity.

Have we gotten so busy we too have forgotten that what affects one, soon affects all? I often speak of this powerful phrase, spoken by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., because every word speaks an universal reality in all arenas, cities and nations around this big beautiful world God gave us.

For instance,  America is not the only country in the world trying to solve it's economic woes,  other strong countries, they too have become affected with such sorrows as the land of the free, high unemployment, stocks declining, housing markets and diminishing banks in grave trouble. What spills in your backyard soon spills in your neighbors backyard right? 

We cannot as civic minded leaders, creative writers, visionaries, philantropist, professionals, and religious disciples, believe that only one group or one class of people is going to continue to suffer from these torrid times, where a perpetual wave of  violence lurks in our streets, around our homes and in our schools. We must believe there is hope for us all, for each other.

We are humane enough, smart enough, able enough to grab this wave of crime and violence  that seems to be growing into epidemic proportions, disturbing our wonderful culture. We can  vaccinate it.  No one individual nor group is immune from pitching in, for the fire is burning us all. 

When a building catches a fire, the building next door also catches fire, if someone does not try to put out the first building's fire. Let us put the fire out one at a time, but collectively, as a stream of firemen usually do.

 If you hug a child, if you talk to a youngster,  if you offer life building words to an assumed bad kid, or choose to tell the school bully he or she is an asset to society,  we have begun to put the fire out, one at a time.

Yes we proclaim that we teach, yes we proclaim that we care, and yes we proclaim that we want to save our youth from a world of crime and constant violence. So let us begin, starting today, maybe holding someone's hand who has not been held with a human touch for  much too long, maybe reaching out to someone's mother who could be hurting inside, or  speaking life to a burdened father.  We can give hope where and when ever we can. We can stand taller as a leaning post instead of as an invisible bystander.

If we cannot solve the problems going on in our streets and communities NOW , what future will we (adults) have, and yes what future will our children have, say in five years?  God is probably asking us all, especially the parents who see no wrong, who appear to do no wrong concerning their young "what do you want for your own child's future and the future of all children everywhere?"

For it is written in the Bible, "Let  no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12





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