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How 25 Current Events Affect Your Financial Plan, Your Future

Matt Sapaula

I am a proud father, financial strategist, TV commentator and financial talk show host of Money Smart Radio

Since deciding to Go GREEN, leaving the car home and taking the train to the city...I've found time to read my paper! Sorry, I'm a lil' old school, but I love reading my newspaper. Plus, my iPhone runs out of battery so fast I need to save the juice for when I really need to make an important call. (Rather than surfing the web for news)
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David said:


Good post, Matt! I especially love your pic of the mutual fund ad and the Public Enemy warning "Don't Believe the Hype!" I can see Flava-Flav saying it with passion now!

I agree with you; the important thing to do is improve your financial IQ and take more control of your investments to get better returns. God-willing people will take this opportunity to become wiser and reap the rewards of making savvy investment decisions. My money is on cash-flow investments: commercial real estate, dividend-paying stocks, and commodities (I gotta mention those because the CBOT is right in the heart of Chi-town).

God bless and keep sharing the knowledge.

David Newby

David said:


BTW, re: Public Enemy. I think a great viral video will be "Mutual Funds Are a Joke." Chorus: "Get up and get get get down. Mu- tual funds are a joke in yo town!" You can be Chuck D and I'll be Flava Flav. :)

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