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Building True Wealth in Chicago with Matthew Sapaula

Matt Sapaula

I am a proud father, financial strategist, TV commentator and financial talk show host of Money Smart Radio

We wish you all well throughout the New Year!  I know 2009 was rough...but we're still standing!  2010 brings us a great fresh start and new beginnings.  We closed out our 2009 with an event we consider "Building True Wealth".  This particular financial strategy never goes out of style and continues to reap dividends long-term. 

Big thanks to the Chicago Social Media Underground Society for allowing me to speak to their large group of small business owners in the month of December.  Proceeds from the sale of our "Top Money Smart Interviews Vol 1" to their members funded this event.

We got many video comments on it from our Facebook Fan Page and so we ought to share it with our Chicago Now friends as well!

I look forward to a remarkable beginning to a new year and new decade.  Let us Build Again in 2010!



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Jean A. Williams said:


Matthew, wow, man! This is just what the world needs! Bright, interesting, giving, fortunate people sharing their God-given gifts and resources with others who may have blessings of their own, but who at the moment may lack the basics of even adequate food and shelter.

Thanks for being a tremendous blessing, not just providing people with financial literacy to improve their lives, but by being the embodiment of faith, hope and charity! I would like to learn more about this charitable group to write about your work in my Chicago Now blog "On A Mission: Philanthropy and Other Acts of Kindness"!

P.S., where can one purchase the video that made this mission of charity possible? Please post info! Thanks again. :)

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