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Art Collector: Patric McCoy "The Power of Original Art"

Andre Guichard

Artist, Curator, Gallery Owner, Father, Husband

Last week we visited the home of Daniel T. Parker.  My initial goal is to  introduce you to 100 collectors and 100 artists. Additionally, we will talk about the institutions, galleries and upcoming art events south of Roosevelt Road.

Come with me for another journey into the home of Master Collector and Co-Founder of Diasporal Rhythms Patric McCoy. Here's an example of an art collector on the hunt for hot talent.  Many collectors travel the country looking for hot talent to places like Art Basel Miami; however,Patric has found many of the artists in his 1100 plus collection south of Roosevelt Road in Chicago. Let's dive right into this meaty discussion about The Power of Original Art.

To see and hear more about the collector organization Diasporal Rhythms and The Power of Art in Public Spaces and more follow this link :

Diasporal Rhythms and The Power of Art in Public Spaces

To see and hear more about Why you should join a collector organization and more follow this link:

Why you should join a collector organization

To see and hear more about how Patric started collecting and his curating philosophy and more follow this link:

How patric started collecting and his curating philosophy

Artistically yours,

Andre Guichard



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joyceowens said:


Important series!

Thanks...I have photographer Bobby Sengstacke, of The Chicago Defender newspaper family, up next at Chicago State University's President's Gallery at 95th and M.L. King Drive in the Cook Administration Building, 3rd floor. The reception is Jan. 27 from 2-4 pm.

Andre Guichard said:


Thank you for your response. You have seen first hand many of these artist and collectors homes for many years. You are also in many of these collections. Bobby is another great example of one of our National treasures, and I look forward to seeing the exhibition.

Andre Guichard said:


Joyce, I remember Sengstack's solo exhibit at the South Shore Cultural Center years ago and how he described "Catching the Ghost" in photography. I look forward to seeing the exhibit.

Paul Branton said:


I am truly enjoying this series ... one part being able to see the great collection of art (which excites my senses), and the other part being able to get into the mind of real collectors ... Thank you

Something Patric said that really perked my ears ... when he talked about collecting music. I have 1000's of cd's, cassettes & albums .. i love music as much as i love visual art. Why do i not have 1000's of pieces of art outside of my own work? Is it because I'm a visual artist that stops me from collecting other art that i enjoy? If i have the same passion & enjoyment from visual art then it only makes sense to own that work that touches me

Andre Guichard said:


Paul the series has started to take on a life of its own. As artists we have to remember to collect as well.

sutton/yeadon said:

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It's exciting to see this series. Sharing the educational, promotional and networking information is wonderful for the art community. Thanks so much for all the work you do on behalf of collectors ands artists alike. Missed seeing you at the MSI, Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition opening, you all did a great job there as well.

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