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Dobbs Promises Ramos the Exclusive About His Political Future [Well, After Telling Wife]

Laura Martinez

This past weekend, I was invited as a guest to Univision's political weekly show Al Punto, hosted by veteran anchor Jorge Ramos. Little did I know I would end up sharing the hour-long program with one of Hispanics' Bête noir, the one and only Lou Dobbs, who took the opportunity to promise the popular anchor the exclusive story about his political future [should there be any.] Let's watch.

Puerto Rican Man in New York, Pissed Because 'Hispanic' Is Not a Race

Laura Martinez

I thought I had heard everything about the 2010 Census, including NALEO's efforts to get us off our tía's couch and the Jesus-Caesar Augustus connection. But this one takes the cake: Turns out a Puerto Rican security guard in Bronx, New York, this week refused to fill out his Census form, because "Hispanic" was not an option under the Race box.

"For me to see this I feel kind of offended," Richard Robles told WPIX.com.
And, why wouldn't he? After all, for reasons I yet have to understand, the U.S. Census considers "Vietnamese," "Korean" and "Japanese" a race. So, continuing that logic: If Korean people are of the "Korean race", and "Vietnamese" people are from the "Vietnamese race," I urge Mr. Robles' to check himself as a proud member of the Puerto Rican race.

As for myself, I was truly offended "Human" was not an option; so I had to use the "Some other race --print race" space to spell out N.P.I. (Ni Pinche Idea)

U.S. 'Taqueros' Join Immigration Cause By Donating -What Else?- Money from Tacos

Laura Martinez

Thumbnail image for truckicon.jpg

Want immigration reform? Grab a taco first

I always knew there was nothing like a good taco to get people moving. That is why I was happy to learn about Tacos for Justice, an initiative launched by a group of food vendors to raise money towards the fight for immigration reform.

According to California's Valley Star, taco vendors are giving discounts to customers and at the same time contributing to the national Immigrant Justice Campaign by accepting coupons at their taco trucks and restaurants throughout the country.

As of March 18, three days before Sunday's march for Immigration Reform in Washington, D.C., more than one million discount coupons to participating restaurants and lunch trucks had been distributed.

This blogger will gladly participate, but can I get a torta ahogada, instead?

Donny Deutsch Apologizes to Hispanics for Using the C-Word. It's Not What You're Thinking

Laura Martinez

I have to plead complete ignorance on this one. In case you missed the latest brouhaha involving a non Hispanic person and his Hispanic non-counterparts, advertising guru Donny Deutsch this week had to apologize to a bunch of people for using the C-Word when referring to a Latino person. And no, it is not what you are thinking. According to sensationalist professional media outlets:

"MSNBC regular Donny Deutsch apologized via Twitter for calling Republican senatorial hopeful Marco Rubio "coconut," a racial slur which the New York Times defines as "being brown on the outside and white on the inside."
I don't know you, but as a proud member of the "Latinos Who Don't Understand Why Coconut is an Insult Coalition" (LWDUWCIC) I demand Mr. Deutsch go beyond 140 characters to explain the whole thing properly. [To my defense: I was not paying enough attention. I was busy myself apologizing for my missing National Tortilla Chip Day.]

Hugo Chávez Arrives in Mexico. Greets Journalists à la Jorge Negrete

Laura Martinez

Hugo Chávez sure knows how to address the Mexican press. So upon arriving last night for the Grupo de Rio meeting in Playa del Carmen, he promptly burst into his own version (a cappella) of México, lindo y querido.

[I myself have seen many people perform this song before, including my favorite, Javier Solís, but never an acting head of state wearing a red beret.]

Villaraigosa Makes TV Debut. I Fear for the Future of Television [and Politics]

Laura Martinez

Only a month ago, we learned that the Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, had been tapped by ABC to make a special appearance on All My Children, the legendary soap opera, now in its 10,290,000 episode.

Well, such a debut finally occurred this week, reinforcing my conviction that he would be better off chasing his dream of becoming the nation's first Latino president, than following the steps of Lisazo, Colunga and the likes.



Hat tip: HispanicTips

Hispanic Members of the CSPCNMAL Inch Closer to Potential Museum Possibility

Laura Martinez


Emilio Estefan flanked by some very happy Latinas

Are you clueless about Latino culture?

Worry no more. The Nobel-prize-winning Obama administration this week got a step closer to the creation of a National Latino Museum in Washington.

A dedicated commission, aptly named "The Commission to Study the Potential Creation of a National Museum of the American Latino," (from now on referred to as the CSPCNMAL) has retained two companies -Balsera Communications and República -- to outline a work schedule aimed at completing the report and submitting it to Congress before the end of the year.

Spearheaded by Spanish tortilla empresaria Eva Longoria (aka La prieta fea) and Emilio "Lord of Miami" Estefan, the commission is working in determining how this national museum would best serve in portraying the history and culture of Latinos in the U.S.

It is yet to be seen how the CSPCNMAL will manage to raise the estimated $300 million needed for the thing. But I'm confident this will happen: aren't Latinos the trillion-dollar opportunity?

[The group should feel free to contact this blogger, who is willing -an able- to lend a hand. Nothing would make me happier than becoming a member of CSPCNMAL.)

Mexicans Not Unsafe. They're Just Like a Pathetic Woman Obsessed With Weight

Laura Martinez

I bet you didn't know this, but as it turns out, Mexico City is much less violent than Washington, D.C. and, according to some statistics, the country as a whole is much safer than places like Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

In fact, Mexico is so not violent that this is how the director of an independent organization we've never heard about explained it to the foreign press.

"In terms of security, we are like those women who aren't overweight but when they look in the mirror, they think they're fat," said Luis de la Barreda, director of the Citizens' Institute. "We are an unsafe country, but we think we are much more unsafe that we really are."

So next time you hear someone complaining about Mexico's drug war or how organized crime has taken over the country's politics, just tell them they are like a pathetic woman obsessed with weight.

Or, as my terrified-living-in-Mexico friend puts it: It must be the mirror...

Hat tip: Keith Dannemiller

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