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Puerto Rican Man in New York, Pissed Because 'Hispanic' Is Not a Race

Laura Martinez

I thought I had heard everything about the 2010 Census, including NALEO's efforts to get us off our tía's couch and the Jesus-Caesar Augustus connection. But this one takes the cake: Turns out a Puerto Rican security guard in Bronx, New York, this week refused to fill out his Census form, because "Hispanic" was not an option under the Race box.

"For me to see this I feel kind of offended," Richard Robles told WPIX.com.
And, why wouldn't he? After all, for reasons I yet have to understand, the U.S. Census considers "Vietnamese," "Korean" and "Japanese" a race. So, continuing that logic: If Korean people are of the "Korean race", and "Vietnamese" people are from the "Vietnamese race," I urge Mr. Robles' to check himself as a proud member of the Puerto Rican race.

As for myself, I was truly offended "Human" was not an option; so I had to use the "Some other race --print race" space to spell out N.P.I. (Ni Pinche Idea)



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Msalup said:

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Buenisimo. Naturalmente, NPI significa Ni Puta Idea... pero Ni Pinche Idea lo tropicaliza muy bien. En el ultimo Time Magazine, hablando de internet penetration, sin embargo, ellos ponen cuatro razas: White, Black, Hispanic, Oriental. El boricua en cuestion haria bien en leer Time

Eco said:

PuertoRicans are not hispanic.Nor are they immigrants in the United States of america.When PuertoRican apply for Social Socurity the box for nationality is native americans not the hispanic box.they get less of the american pie.
There is a box for hispanics,they are immigrates from hispanola land of hispanics fliped their identity to dominicans and haitian immigrates in the United States of America.
American from the United States Island of PuertoRico 00656 are the People of the Book@SJBatiata@PublicSchools puerto rican's children/elders learn english and spanish and arabic numbers to boot the intellectual property of the american people of the books.
PuertoRican speak spanish but spanish they are not.Puerto Ricans speak english and english they are not,certainly they are not from hispanola,thus claim to hispanic@censors on dead ears.latino not a race either?Clergy rule over latin cemented@VaticanCity of latin.
Latino y hispanic economical political tool of the media and press not USA censor material but USA SSA Issue

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