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Don Francisco Wants You to Eat "Italian" Food

Laura Martinez

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Ah.... marketing minds never stop working!

In the latest effort to tap into Hispanics' fat wallets -and even fatter selves- restaurant chain Olive Garden is sending Univision's Don Francisco to Tuscany, because it's there -and not on the Food Network- where the company trains its chefs. According to Advertising Age:

The legendary TV host will visit Olive Garden's Culinary Institute in Tuscany in a segment airing this Saturday night on Sábado Gigante. He accompanies Margarita Ibarra, the young chef who won Olive Garden's "Cocinando un Sueño" ("Cooking a Dream") contest.

But wait! Olive Garden's Hispanic effort doesn't stop there. The company is proud to tell us that all its 600 restaurants have menus in Spanish, which is, like, great, because Hispanics might not know Lasagna is Lasaña and Pasta Primavera is, well, Pasta Primavera.

That's it. I'm getting hungry, so I'm off to my nearest Olive Garden to get a taste of Don Francisco-endorsed food and pretend I never heard about Dr. Manny.



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Msalup said:

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Ay ay ay mi reina! So a company decides to pursue the Hispanic market big time and you somehow don't like it?

Laura Martinez said:


I didn't say I don't like it! I am actually going to get me a Lasaña to watch Sábado Gigante tonight.

Abraham said:

"Hispanics' fat wallets -and even fatter selves", I only agree with the first comment! The next we are trying to hide ;-(

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