Message from Montie

What's a Message from Montie?




Not a day goes by that I'm not pounding away on a computer for inspiration, for work and for research.


My first name is pronounced Shuh mawn tee el (four syllables, don't blend the "i" and the "e" when pronouncing Shamontiel). My childhood-to-adulthood nicknames have varied through the years, but two permanent ones are "Montie" and "Monnie" (the latter one for the lazy folks who didn't feel like pronouncing the "t" in "ShamonTEE-L).

I am the post-it queen, and I was forever getting in trouble in high school for writing notes in class. At the bottom of the note, regardless of whether the recipient recognized my handwriting or not, I always wrote "Message from Montie." I did this in school, on notes at home and it even carried over into jobs I've had over the years. Twelve years later, and I finally made professional use of the signature a year or so ago with my previous employer.

What does a "Message from Montie" consist of? I'm all over the place, but four topics that are consistent on my perspective on local events, politics, vegetarianism and music (mainly hip hop and R&B) news.

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