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McDonald's 76th Thanksgiving Day Parade on State Street is coming, are you?

Message from Montie

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On my way to Commonground's 40 Under 40 event, I met a friend at Macy's and decided to check out some new fragrances. On my way to Macy's at 111 N. State St., all I saw were signs everywhere about this Thanksgiving Day parade coming Thursday, Nov. 26.


The parade is from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., and it'll include various bands, the McDonald's crew and undisclosed celebrities. The length of the parade will be from Congress Parkway to Randolph Street.


I don't know why I've never stopped through to see this parade even though this is the 76th anniversary parade of McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago. WGN-TV will be broadcasting the parade live. I think I'll check it out this year if it's not too cold. If you've been to the parade, did you enjoy yourself? Are you going this year?



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