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Shamontiel Latrice Vaughn is the author of two novels ("Round Trip" and "Change for a Twenty") and a freelance writer of over 800 articles in various print and online publications. She's currently the Tribune's Digital News Editor for Chicago Tribune's Health page and the Tribune's National Travel page (example here). Before that, she was the Arts & Entertainment Contributor and Green Contributor for by Yahoo! She's been published on Yahoo! News, Yahoo! TV,,,, AT&T, Underlined Magazine, Fate magazine, Spoken Vizions magazine and Citizens in America magazine. She was previously's Chicago Relationship Examiner, Chicago Black Hair and Health ExaminerChicago Fragrance Examiner and Chicago News & Events Examiner.

This Chicago native graduated Cum Laude from Lincoln University (MO) with a Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing. Shamontiel has also taken courses at  Northern Michigan University; the University of Chicago; and DePaul University, studying writing, communications, Spanish, and criminal justice. In 2003, she received the Missouri Writer's Guild Walter Williams Outstanding Student Award. In 2007, she was honored at Lincoln University ( Missouri ) with the Master Student award. Shamontiel is also a member of the International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta. She has previously been an Assistant Copyeditor for Kaplan Financial (Dearborn Publishing) and a Staff Writer and Web Editor for "The Chicago Defender" newspaper.

Shamontiel has participated in various political and news events like promoting and raising money for the Obama campaign, reporting on the Schlumberger and Jena 6 trial, embracing the vegetarian lifestyle, speaking out for animal rights and vegetarianism. She is equally passionate about raising awareness about safe sex, getting tested for HIV/AIDS, and correct condom usage. Find out more about Shamontiel by visiting

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