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Political talk show host Bill Maher bored with news on Haiti

Message from Montie

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I've been a fan of political talk show host Bill Maher for years, but in the late evening of January 14, 2010, I lost all respect for him from one tweet: "Memo to media: yes Haiti is horrible but you can cover more than one story in the course of a week."


How selfish can one person be? This is the same person who made wisecracks about former President George W. Bush for not helping out sooner during Hurricane Katrina and Bush sitting around reading books during the 911 attacks. Now when we have a president in office who is actually doing something about an issue so horrible from a 7.0 earthquake that left people dead, homeless and hungry, he wants the media to talk about something else.


The earthquake happened Tuesday, and it was Thursday when he sent this. We still don't even have a full body count. On tonight's WGN News, they were showing footage of people trying to remove rubble from a little girl who was trapped, and Bill Maher is tired of hearing about the poorest nation in the world having an earthquake that will only make their economic situation worse.


Not only is President Barack Obama helping, but he also brought Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton on board to help in raising funds for Haitians, and you don't want to hear about it? I watched several news programs that are covering other topics in addition to Haiti, but I'm absolutely interested in what's going on in Haiti right now.


Hell, Clinton ignored the entire genocide of the Hutus and the Tutsis. Why not have a president in office who actually cares? Why not have the media finally cover something other than every single detail of Tiger Woods, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen?


The media finally got it right, and Bill Maher is yawning in his palm. Unbelievable. Just that quick I lost all respect for this guy, even when he had so many valid points before. And from reading the comments on his Facebook fan page, there are others who agree that his comment was simply too soon and insensitive.


Here are some examples:



Screenshot of Bill Maher's Facebook fan page



Smithsonian Guggenhiem

Right....Because you would rather f*ck women from Haiti than help them. I get it now! You make a valid point PENIS DRIP! Having said that you have just helped in keeping the dialogue going cause guess what we're still talking about Haiti. Which means more Help for Haiti!!! What a great thing you've done!


Stephanie Peterson

Nice goin' BILL, you have women hissing, cussing and using vernacular I haven't heard since I was a bartender.


Burnadine Gaskin

How rude, Bill! You seriously crossed the line on this one. That remark was absurd, lacking in compassion, and wreaks with selfishness; seriously despicable!


Terry Fetterman

2 b honest this was the only news I have cared about for the past 2 days. Not that i have not payed attention to everything else- we all know where to look 2 find the news we need.(hopefully.) but in the face of all our troubles - it could always be worse. the american ego needs this reminder. our heads are hard Bill! we are selfish spoiled children and sometimes its just not about us.


Aljorie Stallings

Go figure to see these comments made by a man who cares so much about IHOP using caged eggs he does a PSA for Humane Society!!! Why not be a celeb to encourage those 2 donate!! Hell I am quite sure your ass knows Wyclef!!!




I wonder what Wyclef Jean would have to say about this one, Bill Maher. But more importantly, I wonder why is it Bill Maher (and some of his Facebook fans who agreed with this status) care so little about one of the biggest pieces of news since 2010 started? I expect FOX News to be insensitive about Haiti, but I was caught way out of left field by your selfishness too.





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