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My love hate relationship with talk shows, why I'll miss 'The Tyra Banks Show'

Message from Montie

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I have never been a fan of talk shows. While I respect Oprah's accomplishments on television, I'm bored to death with her talk show. However, I love some of the other projects she's been affiliated with, such as "Their Eyes Were Watching God" and "Precious." I'd even give a head nod on some of her bookclub selections. But I can't say I'm a fan. It always rubbed me the wrong way that she'd have some of the most controversial topics on her show but not hip hop artists. How do you invite the KKK on your show but then wag a finger at Ludacris? She did finally have Jay-Z on her show, but hip hop has been around for 30 plus years. In my opinion, it took her so long, and I didn't like the way she treated Ludacris, so I didn't even watch that Jay-Z episode. But I still have 100 percent respect for Oprah Winfrey as a professional.


However, it is a mystery to me altogether why anybody would watch ridiculously stereotypical shows like "The Jerry Springer Show" and "You are not the father" show (aka Maury Povich's show). I was tired of "The Ricki Lake Show" with Ricki Lake talking over her guests. "The Johnny Carson Show" was okay sometimes, but he would ask rhetorical questions or need everything spelled out, so I couldn't handle re-runs of that show either. I remember watching a few episodes of "The Arsenio Hall Show," but all I remember was the dog barking. I was too little to get a good handle on that talk show.

I never connected with Jenny Jones' and Martha Stewart's talk shows either. Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious performing live and I loved her television show, but for some odd reason I can't stay interested in her talk show. I'll watch her dance or watch a good guest, but outside of that, I couldn't be still watching "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Jay Leno and David Letterman would occasionally have an interesting episode, but those were few and far between. I used to believe I just didn't like talk shows until I started checking out some others like "The Tyra Banks Show," "Lopez Tonight" and "The Mo'Nique Show."


It wasn't until two weeks ago that I started watching "The Mo'Nique Show" because I thought it was going to be loud and obnoxious. Plus, it came on at the same time that the only talk show I liked came on, and that's "Lopez Tonight." I'm a huge fan of "The George Lopez Show" so I was ecstatic to see one of my favorite comedians get a late night show and have people like Kobe Bryant, Queen Latifah, 50 Cent and Clint Eastwood on there--two of which I never see on talk shows.


But I watched "The Mo'Nique Show" when "Lopez Tonight" started showing re-runs during the Christmas season, and I cracked up laughing. "The Mo'Nique Show" is everything that Oprah Winfrey's show is not. She embraces hip hop, hip hop stars, actually knows the slang, can do the latest dances, is easy and fun to talk to and she's a party starter. Not everybody can easily interview Cash Money's Baby, and really sound like she could hang out with this dude. I think Mo'Nique's personality is great, and she's beautiful. Mo'Nique always looks flawless, from hair to makeup to outfits. But like George Lopez, it's her humor that makes me not change channels on my television. 

And then there's Tyra Banks. "Higher Learning" has been my favorite film for over a decade and came out the year I graduated from eighth grade. I loved her chemistry with Will Smith on "A Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." But I couldn't stand the squealing and superficial behavior on "America's Next Top Model" and after a season or two, I stopped watching the show.

But last night I went on YouTube, after being indifferent about her talk show leaving in 2010, and clicked on a couple shows. I'd seen a few before but not enough to make me want to watch the show daily. However, last night I saw that I really missed out on some great episodes of "The Tyra Banks Show." What I like about Tyra is what I like about George Lopez and Mo'Nique. She's not afraid to be goofy, and she's all about being entertaining. Tyra Banks definitely has some amazing taste in men. Whoa! Now that's not to say I can't respect a serious talk show host, but I'm more likely to stay focused on the show if I can have a few laughs. There were definitely episodes of "The Tyra Banks Show" that I wasn't interested in, like the one with Raven Symone glorifying weave, racist families and all the "I'm too fat" shows. That got old quickly. But then there were the winning episodes where Tyra Banks had great chemistry with her guests! 


Here are some of my favorite Tyra Banks episodes.


Pharrell admits that he wanted to having a "friendship" with Tyra Banks, and she didn't know it. N.E.R.D. artist Pharrell has always been gorgeous in my eyes, so I was excited to see him regardless. But what made this one of my favorite episodes of "The Tyra Banks Show" was how he sounded like a shy teenager asking a girl to the homecoming dance. For someone who makes kissy faces during the "Frontin'" video, I never expected him to act so shy or uncomfortable.



Then there was the episode with Tyra kissing Chingy, who also came across as shy in front of her when she wasn't wearing man's makeup. I couldn't blame him for not wanting to kiss her when she was dressed like a man, but he puffed his chest out trying to get a round two.



Note: The video when the two kissed a second time after she went back to her natural self has been removed from YouTube, but I did write an entry about their kiss. Click here for details.


Although Tyra Banks' impromptu singing performance was incredibly corny, I was amused by President Barack Obama's (then Senator Barack Obama) reaction to Tyra singing about First Lady Michelle Obama being "one hot momma." But it was the "chocolate kiss" that made me remember for the millionth time why First Lady Michelle Obama loves her some Barack!


Tyra Banks talks with Ne-Yo about how he chooses brown-skinned women for his music videos. I talked about Ne-Yo embracing brown-skinned women on my blog, "Tough love letter to black women who hate it when black men date outside of their race." It was also amusing to see Chris Brown unashamedly flirting with Tyra Banks.



It was fun to watch Tyra Banks try to learn how to step. Columbus Short is so talented at it, and I always wanted to step as well, but I cringed every time he pronounced "segue" incorrectly. Also, I can't blame her for flirting with the very handsome Brian White.



And even though we all know that Chris Brown is having issues right now, I still loved his chemistry with Tyra Banks on the show and the playful flirting. I was very happy for these girls when they won a chance to meet him, especially considering I'm a fan of Chris Brown and Ne-Yo too. I remember being very nervous but professional during my interview with Ne-Yo earlier this year. Check out how Ne-Yo and Chris Brown surprised two fans.


And who can forget the Bow Wow kiss? This threw me because Tyra Banks blew Ludacris off for a kiss on the lips, but Bow Wow, who asked "We for real?" really did get to kiss her on the lips at Tyra Banks request. Crazy.


I wasn't really feeling the speed date, and I'm still beyond belief that 50 Cent carries $25,000 in his back pocket. It's ironic that 50 Cent would carry that much money on him since his breakout song was "How to Rob." However, I was amused with his "Laws According to 50" about 50 Cent's views on relationships. Start this video at 4:29.


And to my surprise, 50 Cent admitted that he was the one who reached out to Vivica Fox. When she cried on "The Monique Show" about how she felt with 50 Cent embarrassing her name to the media, I couldn't blame her. However, when George Lopez didn't ask 50 Cent on "Lopez Tonight" about his new video, I wondered if Vivica Fox was being dramatic. But 50 admitted that they'd been going out for way longer than I expected and he reached out to her (4:47).


It is painful to watch someone who is not very street smart interview someone from the streets. The questions are so naive, but the interviewer doesn't realize how goofy she sounds. With that said, I can't hold anything against Tyra Banks for not knowing some of the information she asked, but it was uncomfortable watching her try to have these special moments with T.I. when he'd answered these questions a million times before. Part 1 and Part 2 of this interview were lame and I got tired of people reminding T.I. over and over again that he was going to prison, but Part 3 was very interesting with him talking about the dating scene. Check it out.




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Kyra Kyles said:


Hey Montie: I feel like Tyra could annoy the fur off a squirrel, but I like your post and the fact that you found some of her finer points. I didn't do the same in a post I wrote about the young lady, but added your link to The Kyles Files in the spirit of balance. Hope your 2010 is off to a great start.

Message from Montie said:


Kyra, I am dying laughing over here. I can't say I disagree with you because "America's Next Top Model" with all that shouting and jumping and down drives me insane. And she has had some episodes where I was just like, "Please stop acting like a cheerleader." Just too goofy for no reason. But these were episodes I could watch again and again. With other talk shows, I can only find one or two that I REALLY liked, but she had several. The one with Halle Berry saying "motherf*^@&!" was one I was like, "This would only happen on "The Tyra Banks Show." I'll check out your post in a minute. Thanks for reading! :-) And Happy (belated) New Year!

Kyra Kyles said:


Ha ha! I say we take the debate to Twitter. :) Thanks for reading my post and I enjoyed clicking on these segments. Good picks.

Message from Montie said:


I'm all for it! You link my blog, and I'll link yours. I'm trying to find you on Twitter. I appear and re-appear on these sites (Facebook, Twitter, left MySpace altogether) sometimes, but let me try to find you. I am hooked on Twitter! I added a new video. I finally found one of the two videos with Chingy kissing Tyra. The one I can't find was better, but this one with Tyra as a man was funny. She is so EXTRA though.

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