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Soul Vegetarian East restaurant closed down for over 700 mice droppings

Message from Montie

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Blogger's Note, 1/17/10: Judging from the massive amount of visits to this blog but so few on the follow-up blog stating that Soul Vegetarian has re-opened, some are still unaware that the restaurant is back in business. Readers, please feel free to check out "Soul Vegetarian and Eternity Juice Bar restaurants re-open after passing city inspection."


Soul Vegetarian East and Eternity Juice Bar restaurants were closed late Tuesday night on Dec. 15 by Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force. These two restaurants were temporarily shut down due to pest control and mice infestation, including over 700 mice droppings at Soul Veg and over 300 mice droppings at Eternity Juice Bar.


The Task Force was in the area because of complaints about garbage and rodent activity. When inspectors paid a visit to the vegetarian restaurant and juice bar, over 1,000 mice droppings were found in a common storage area, and the restaurants were immediately shut down. Soul Vegetarian restaurant is located at 205 E. 75th Street and Eternity Juice Bar is located at 203 E. 75th Street.


"They will not be able to open until they've cleaned their operations from top to bottom," said Matt Smith, spokesman for the Department of Streets and Sanitation, to ChicagoNow's Message from Montie blogger. "They've [also got to] show our task force inspectors plans for revamping their housekeeping and pest control efforts and then they have to inspect and pass a very tough re-inspection."



But Soul Vegetarian East gave the impression that they are willing to do what it takes to re-open.


"The one thing that management in both establishments have going for them is they seem very cooperative," said Smith. "Quite often we meet with resistance when we put out a closure, but they were willing to listen to why they had problems and how they could alleviate them in the future, which is always constructive."


Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force is in the bureau of the Department of Streets and Sanitation's rodent control team.


Stable Foods, the producer and distributor for Soul Vegetarian brand's pre-packaged food sold in health food stores, does not prepare their food at Soul Vegetarian Restaurant. Soul Vegetarian pre-packaged food is produced at the Washburne Culinary Institute located at 740 W. 63rd Street.


Although Stable Foods is currently using Soul Vegetarian's brand name, Stable Foods is not currently under investigation, is approved by the Department of Streets and Sanitation and the Illinois Board of Public Health, and holds an independent license not affiliated with Soul Vegetarian restaurant.


Whole Foods PR specialist Kate Klotz has also confirmed this information, and Whole Foods Markets will continue to sell the Soul Vegetarian brand products from Stable Foods.


According to a press release from Ronald King, the CEO of Stable Foods, Stable Foods plans to change the Soul Vegetarian pre-packaged items' name to Soul Vegan by Feb. 1, 2010.



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DorotheeRoyal said:


Oh NO! I love Soul Veg!!

Message from Montie said:


Dorothee, the look on your default pic looks like you're really saying "Oh NO!" too. But anyway, yes, I'm afraid it is closed for now.

Zack Isaacs said:


Yuck! I used to live in the neighborhood and for some reason I never wanted to go there.

Message from Montie said:


Hi Zack,
Unfortunately everyone checks this blog (my visiting statistics for this one are very, very high), but the other blog I wrote saying Soul Vegetarian re-opened after three days doesn't get that many hits. But I do want to commend them for taking care of the issue so fast. I have been there many times, and I will vouch for the food. It's very good. I had a bad experience with service and cold food a few years ago, but the service and food have improved WAY more since then. Anyway, if you ever have a change of heart, Soul Vegetarian East is back open. Click here for details: Soul Vegetarian and Eternity Juice Bar restaurants re-open after passing city inspection.

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