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Raheem DeVaughn's 'Bulletproof' is modern day version of Marvin Gaye's 'Inner City Blues'

Message from Montie

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There is no R&B artist that I like more than Marvin Pentz Gaye Jr. His music was just as relevant when he started out in the late '50s as it is now, and one of my favorite songs of his is "Inner City Blues (Makes Me Want to Holler)." The issues that Marvin Gaye talked about in that song are just as on point in 2009 as they were when the song first came out in the early 1970s--inflation, the struggle with paying bills, increasing crime, war overseas and taxes. Sound familiar?


Born on April 2, 1939 in Washington D.C., Marvin Gay aka Marvin Gaye (who later added the "e" to "Gaye" when he signed up with Motown) started off traveling with his father at the age of five, singing in church conventions and took off singing all kinds of music from 1957 with the Marquees until he went solo.


I don't think there's a singer who has put out the same amount of sexy, smooth and political tracks that he's put out with equal success. Marvin Gaye was still seen as an intelligent sex symbol (and grew even more handsome with age), and that really made me dig his music, especially with political songs like "What's Going On?" and "Inner City Blues (Makes Me Want to Holler)" played right before I blasted "Ego Trippin'," "Sexual Healing" and "Let's Get It On."


But who says Marvin Gaye has to be the only artist who can perfect R&B sexy grooves and politics too? (Fairly) new artist Raheem DeVaughn, who is also a native of Washington D.C., sure did do quite a job with his latest single, "Bulletproof."
Make no mistake about it. I don't think Raheem DeVaughn is Marvin Gaye...yet. But I think he has plenty of potential and one beautiful voice. Raheem DeVaughn brings that soul and bluesy feel that I miss in today's R&B that's too busy trying to be raunchy or danceworthy and isn't paying enough attention to "politickin.' And "Bulletproof" is definitely the 2009 version of "Inner City Blues (Makes Me Want to Holler)." Including hip hop star Ludacris to the "Bulletproof" track was an added pleasure, but Raheem DeVaughn did this song justice all its own. Check out some of the lyrics that made it Marvin Gaye worthy and listen to the track by clicking the bottom link.


Some will die over oil kill over land
Charge you for taxes and blame Uncle Sam
Read you your rights and charge you for nothing
Now who's really gangsta
And tell me who's frontin'
Murder your sons, ravage your daughters
Here overseas and across the waters
Tanks and missiles, bombs and grenades
Inject the land with guns and aids





I think if Raheem DeVaughn stays consistent and continues to put out stellar music like this, he's going to be around for a long time.


Listen to the track:

Bulletproof - Raheem DeVaughn Featuring Ludacris

Bulletproof - Raheem DeVaughn Featuring Ludacris



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Dionne Williams said:


I saw Raheem Davaughn on last nite at the Shrine - he was very good - love his music - I like your review of his music

Message from Montie said:


I'm definitely going to have to check him out live. Some artists are better behind the scenes than performing. Which do you like better--him live or behind-the-scenes? Thanks for checking out the review. I am all about Marvin Gaye!

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