Message from Montie

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Man with no pants looks for job in downtown Chicago

Message from Montie

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His wife wears the pants. He wears the boxers.

At around 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 12, I was walking on the Magnificent Mile by the Tribune Tower when I saw a guy with a suit coat, a dress shirt and no pants on. Obviously that caught my attention. I looked at the sign around his waist, and it said, "Hire me. My wife wears the pants."


He was passing out his resume with just boxer shorts on, bare legs and dress shoes. His sign also said he had 18 years of design experience. And I watched people smiling, walking by and some walked up to him to get a resume. I was amused at first, but then I really started thinking about the decision this guy made to find another job.


I know sitting at home hiding behind a computer looking at, and postings can get old, and sometimes you have to go out into the world to find the people who will hire you. This is why job fairs bring so many people out. His way of promoting himself definitely was a memorable experience, but with 18 years of design experience, I know it had to hit him pretty hard to no longer have a job.



And although it was all right outside, I still needed a jacket on so I know that man had to be a little on the chilly side. I hope he finds a job soon. I wish I had my camera so I could prove I'm not lying. The loop workers will know it's the truth, but still, looking at him made me go from amused to sad, and it's a reminder that unemployment has risen 10 percent. The desperation to find a job has brought a lot of other people out to wear signs and pass out resumes in the middle of Chicago's streets, but I'd never seen anybody start taking off clothes before.


I hope he finds a job soon. I hope the unemployment statistics improve soon too.



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markd said:

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Hi Montie, it's the "no-pants guy" checking in with you!! Wow...thanks for posting this, and I appreciate the kind words! The response was overwhelmingly positive, with only a negative comment sprinkled in here and there. Bring 'em on...They create better buzz!! Anyway, I couldn't just sit by and not send you the "proof" you wished for above! Thank you again - enjoy the brief video. Have a great holiday season, and all the best to you!

Message from Montie said:


Hey Markd! How are you? Thanks for checking in. Did you find this blog by accident or did somebody tell you about it? Either way, thank you for dropping by. PLEASE keep me informed about the good news WHEN you find a new job. I'm optimistic that you will. I looked at the video. Excellent. Thank you for sending proof. Of all the times I wish I had my camera, that was one of them, but even though you were out in public, I don't know if I'd have taken a pic, definitely not without your permission.

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