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KMT Health Food Store hosts first KMT health fair for 2009

Message from Montie

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Free food was served at KMT Health Fair event.

KMT Health Food Store had their first KMT Health Fair from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. today, and quite a crowd turned out. After entering the health food store, located at 233 E. 75th St., the back was filled with people signing in, filling out free raffle tickets and guests had the opportunity to meet with different specialists for less than $5 and one for free.


Free food sat on a table on the left-hand side, including Tabouli, rice with lentils, salad with marinated vegetables, Barbara's cheese puffs, Mi-Del vanilla snaps and yogurt raisins.


Specialists at tonight's event included Yvette Magallón for chair massages, Fanta Celah for Reiki energy healing, Clairvoyant Center of Chicago for aura energy readings, Tru Heart Fit (Costellano) for movement training with C-bands and jungle gym lessons, David Jenkins for numerology readings, and Dr. Ceasar for Emotional Freedom and Stress Relief sessions.


After a brief numerology reading with David Jenkins, I headed upstairs for the Emotional Freedom and Stress Relief Sessions. I definitely understand why Dr. Ceasar was the one to hold these stress-free sessions because even when I mentioned how disorganized the sign-up process was (only Dr. Ceasar's class had a sign-up sheet at the front but the rest of the guests just had to hang around each specialist's room blocking the hallway and wait their turns), his response was, "Are you stressed?" I playfully rolled my eyes, but he still kept that same mellow tone. 


When another lady wanted to use her cell phone and blocked the gate in hopes that she could have her conversation and still attend the stress relief seminar, he simply walked her out of the gate while she tried to coax him into letting her finish her call, closed the gate and went about his session. No complaining. Just walked her out. I was amused. You weren't going to get this brotha excited.


Then the class started. I've tried meditation before, and I'm simply too hyper to go for it. This session was no exception. Ten people (one child, two older men, one younger man and the rest were women of various ages) sat in a square-shaped chair arrangement and chanted comments: "I will no longer be stressed by anything or anyone." "Fears, fears, fears. I permanently let go of all my fears." "I will no longer fear anything or anyone." "Worries, worries, worries. I permanently let go of all my worries." "I will no longer worry about anything." "I completely forgive everyone including myself." "I will always be completely in control of my emotions." "I am completely over past traumatic events." "I permanently let go of all of my negative thoughts and beliefs." "I will always remain calm and relaxed."


Dr. Ceasar claimed that any images from worries, fears and traumatic events "that flow through your head are permanently released." Several people claimed they were now totally relaxed and one asked could he chant these lines at home. Dr. Ceasar said he could, but the doctor "transmits energy" while people were reciting the lines. Personally I think subconsciously they wanted these feelings to go away and being in a relaxed mood that was reasonably quiet, outside of someone downstairs inquiring about whether the cheese puffs were real cheese, made them think these worries went away.


Peggy Ann Griffin.JPG

Author Peggy Ann Griffin autographs one of her sold books.

However, it was an interesting experience. But the best part of the event was the networking. I met an author downstairs named Peggy Ann Griffin who got a kick out of my sweatshirt that said, "Education bridges the gap between your ears." I talked with her for a few and to my surprise, I met a member of the Black Vegetarian Society of Illinois named Inez Teemer, who I'd interviewed for the Chicago Defender last year. I also connected with the guy who invited me to this event, Brother Onaci, a member of, an African-American vegetarian and vegan networking site I like to frequent. I even set up a new interview and got invited to a vegan potluck.


This is always my favorite part of attending events like these--the human factor of like-minded individuals. I gathered a lot of health documents, learned about a new health food store, tasted new vegetarian food and had interesting conversations with folks I may have not met before. Although the second KMT Health Fair event isn't scheduled and definitely needs to be more organized, I think they did their best at encouraging and educating visitors on health. I'd strongly suggest checking out the KMT Health Food Store if you're interested in healthy eating, cleansing, making children healthier and vitamins.



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