Message from Montie

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Angela Simmons rocks "yes" on booty pants, fashionable or raunchy?

Message from Montie

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Who do you think this is wearing these pants?

There are fashion do's and fashion don'ts. Some of the "in" fashion is stuff I'm rocking already and sometimes I take notes from fashion magazines if I'm comfortable, but one thing I never could get into was pants or shorts with words on the booty. I always thought women who wore these crazy bottoms either didn't have anything back there and needed to bring attention to it or wanted to bring more attention to it.


But wearing these pants is like wearing shirts with the cleavage showing. (I'm guilty of that one.) I have more than a little bit of V-neck sweaters or fitted tops. But words? I saw a tweet from @entertainreal about's coverage and several photos of one-half of "Daddy's Little Girls" Angela Simmons, daughter of Reverend Run (Run DMC), rocking purple spandex pants with the word "Yes" in white letters across her butt.


Now if this isn't a paparazzi dream waiting to happen, I don't know what is. On anybody else, I'd have probably just shrugged. But on this Pastry gym shoes co-founder, who publicly talked about how important abstinence is and breaking up with a skateboarder boyfriend because "he just couldn't wait," I'm wondering whether these "Yes" pants on Angela Simmons' booty send the right message to her younger audience. No, the pants don't say Angela Simmons is having sex, but having "yes" on your booty sure doesn't seem conservative to me.


I don't usually preach about what women should and shouldn't wear, but this fashion choice was just weird to me. Am I bugging out or does anybody else find these pants on Angela Simmons (or anybody) just plain tacky?



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Joe the Cop said:


my daughter refers to them as "ass logo" pants. Yep. Nothing as classy as a teenager with "juicy" written across her butt.

Message from Montie said:


I'm wondering am I hypocrite by creating this blog though because I don't find anything wrong with shirts that dip low and show a little cleavage. That brings attention to breasts so why should a booty be any different? But for some reason, I cringe whenever I see somebody wearing these pants. If you are already working with junk, why provide more attention to it? People see it already. That's like Dolly Parton wearing a tight sweater. Even in a sweatshirt, we're going to be able to tell! The red alert isn't necessary. The only thing creepier than seeing these on young girls is seeing them on older women. I don't even wear Apple Bottom jeans anymore. I woke up one day, looked at an apple on my butt and said, "I simply too old for this." I donated the jeans to charity.

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