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Music group The Myriad partners with HSUS to promote animal rights

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Souvenirs for The Myriad

 Before this week, I had no idea who The Myriad was. Outside of Aerosmith, Roisin Murphy, Ace of Base and Marilyn Manson, I'm pretty much an R&B and hip hop lover, but when the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) told me about The Myriad's concert to bring awareness to animal cruelty, I looked this group up. The Myriad has accomplished some outstanding things, including earning MTV's 2008 Artist of the Week and MTV2's 2007 Dew Circuit Breakout competition, and their 2008 album, "With Arrows, With Poise" was a number 13 debut on the Billboard Heatseekers , in addition to being a top 40 album on iTunes.


Music artists Tyrone Wells and Matt Hires also teamed up for a Fall 2009 tour with HSUS's faith outreach program around the country to talk about animal rights activism. They hit up Chicago on Saturday, Oct. 10, at Lakeshore Theater, located at 3175 N. Broadway St.


The songs were pretty good, and I shook my head at the creepy story they told about a band member who slept in the basement of what was believed to be a haunted house. Now they can't find him. (Timing is everything, I guess, since Halloween is around the corner.) During a break between songs, the audience found out that the drummer had a major medical issue before The Myriad went on tour, but his doctor agreed to let him travel anyway. I'd like to thank the drummer's doctor because I was completely impressed by the drummer's funk and skill playing his instrument. On top of that, for the intensity of his health issues, I give him the utmost respect for even agreeing to go on tour.


Wells and The Myriad performed between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., a video for the HSUS and the Myriad played and audience members were asked to text message to a certain number in order to win a free shirt.




Souvenir table for Tyrone Wells




 Of course there always has to be a sour apple in every bunch. The guy behind me said, "I guess this is my cigarette break if the HSUS is coming up. I get it. Dogs were abused." And then he left. Normally I'd just ignore these types of comments, but for those readers who think like him, give HSUS the opportunity to at least express their views. If you are a fan of The Myriad's music and the band, why not hear out an organization that The Myriad supports? Nobody is forcing you to leave the Lakeshore Theater and become an animal rights activist the same day, but at least be courteous enough to hear part of the reason The Myriad was even in Chicago.


To be fair though, that guy was the only one who I saw protest. Others shouted out that they'd just texted the number and watched the video of The Myriad and HSUS quietly. I appreciate those open-minded people. Maybe I'm being spoiled because I'd just been to the Chicago VeganMania not even three hours before that, but it sure would be nice if people would give animal rights activists a chance before tuning us/them out.


A couple other cons were that parking by Lakeshore Theater is terrible, and anybody who is driving will probably end up coughing up $9 to $14 for 1-3 hours of parking. Street parking is usually overpowered by parking permits and the retail stores in the surrounding area have big signs about towing--and they mean it. Plus, the film that was shown about HSUS with The Myriad was on a small screen, which I found odd considering I've been to this theater years before to see "Chasing Robert," and that film was shown on a large screen. The information that the HSUS was showing was definitely more important and should've been available on a projector.


But regardless of the cons, I still respect The Myriad for taking on such an important topic with HSUS. If even one person is affected by the message you all share on the Fall Tour 2009, then it was all worth it.





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