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Who's watching you?

Big brother, so to speak, is everywhere; this I know to be true. A couple of years back I saw a newpaper article that showed how the new street cameras, positioned in streetlights, were used. These cameras are supposed to be used to monitor crime in certain areas. These street cameras can see up to 50 yards and in many cases, right through the windows of unsuspecting individuals. I was shocked and quite surprised. In our homes we feel that we should have privacy but apparently that no longer exist.

Each day we move deeper and deeper into technology and with that progression we have opened ourselves up to living lives that are not so private anymore. This upsets me and I feel that we as citizens of the US have unknowningly signed away our privacy for the sake of being open to technology.

I have a Facebook page, I enjoy social networking and I do not plan on retracting from it.
I have been aware for some time that everything done on the internet is more than likely stored away and never washed away completely. I am not fine with that but I don't want to be left out of the progression of technology; so I oblige.

One of my associates refuses to do anything on the internet that has to do with providing information such as her address, phone number and definitely not her social security number. I often ask her how she feels about not being "in the loop" of technology and her response is always "I will survive". A life without technology is not such a bad idea but if your like me and you don't mind having "big brother" know every move you make, then go right ahead but know that at sometime that may come back and harm you; I'm fully aware of this.

I don't mind the idea of putting info onto the internet but the whole streelight ordeal scares me beyond measure. I'm able to log on and off of the internet sites but if someone is watching my every move daily and especially in my home, I can't and won't live like that.

I do not think invading ones privacy is ever justifiable but in this modern day that can be argued in many ways, I choose to hope that it's not something that is done to harm but rather help, if at all necessary.

Gun Owner's Should Be Made Public: Madigan's Plea

After reading the article in The Daily Herald on making the names of gun owner's public, I tried to wrap my head around why this is absolutely necessary and whether or not this was still a case of a power struggle over the gun laws that have been in place for decades.

I was for the handgun ban that had majority of the city in a uproar last year. I don't like guns, and I have seen to much violence in my community because of guns. Yet, I began to understand the need for the individual to protect themselves by any means necessary. When community activist Otis McDonald proclaimed to CNN: "Give me the opportunity to at least make somebody think about something before they come in my house on me" I digressed all my disagreements on why the handgun ban should be upheld. Having a small child in my home was another reason I was for the ban and it's now also the reason I believe the ban to have been superflulous.

But, now the need to know who these registered gun owners are, is way over my head. The assistant public access officer offered that "the General Assembly has clearly determined that it is in the public interest to provide a system for identifying those who are qualified to acquire/posses firearms via  FOID cards", therefore she believes "the public has a legimate interest in the enforcement of the card act." This may very well be true, but I believe the disclosure of said names may do more harm than good.

The people of this city has seen our crime rate peak more than any other large US city. There is a substantial amount of fear in the people of this city and to add fuel to that fire by allowing us to know that the guy in the office that likes no one owns a firearm or knowing that certain individuals DO NOT own guns, may not go over to well. The need to know who the sexual offenders are in your community is necessary information but the need to know the owners of firearms is an envasion of privacy and it puts too many people at risk.

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