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Tyrese is a relationship "expert" from hell!

Zee Karim

I'm 27 with an open-mind for opinions and strangers. I love everything about words, you can find me curled up with a good book any day and believe it or not I can read and listen at the same time..its called TALENT!

We all have personal beliefs about cheating, being cheated on, who cheats more etc.,

Double standards are alive and brewing in the world everyday and even against good judgment, will probably never go away.

Just recently I watched the above video of Tyrese on the Wendy Williams show and he's pretty much saying what has always been said: Men are often known to cheat and women get a harsh reputation if they do.

It's kind of hard to swallow the notion that a man can be promiscuous and a woman has to be docile and willing to accept it. I have one brother, and I can't say fully, but I believe that my mother and father didn't raised him that much different from me and my sisters when it comes to relationships. On the other hand I understand that there are men that have been taught it's ok to be freer with themselves.

After too many bouts of mistrust and on-going BS my significant other shared with me his reasons for not always being honest and it stemmed from his father telling him that a man should have "options"  even if committed. I became humbled when that was revealed to me, it took a lot of forgiving and coming through before I came back to a better place in our relationship. My forgiveness mostly came from a place of pity. There are so many men that are placed in that box at such a young age that when given the chance to be better, they begin to have an inner struggle of beliefs. What is it to be a real man in today's society? And who can actual teach one to be a real man? 

Back to the video, Tyrese made a good point in saying that he would advise his daughter, if ever cheated on, not to own the cheat because it is not her fault. That statement was very uplifting but in turn he still put his foot in his mouth by proclaiming that he wouldn't accept a woman cheating on him but that a man is expected to cheat. Ho Hum, you lost me. That type of thinking will continue to leave men and women divided beyond measure.  

On another note, when did Tyrese become a relationship expert?



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Carpedeim82 said:


Okay first off Tyrese giving relationship advice, NO THANKS I'LL PASS!!!! I haven't seen him in a relationship yet for him to be given out relationship advice. Next he should of put some color in that outfit and a lil carmex wouldn't of hurt either. I've been cheated on and the reason was because her a$$ was a lil fatter than mine and she gave him h#@d after the second day they met pause.........RIGHT! I blamed myself because I wasn't good enough etc but then I came back to reality. My ex was illiterate, dumb as h#ll, a filthy disgusting person and I'm glad it ended. Tyrese was right do not own the cheat. I came to realize being cheated on by my ex was the best thing that could of happened to me, I turned my life completely around. We put men on a pedestal and allow them to treat us without full respect. Men really believe they are GOD's gift to women YEAH! when you are on your game and doing the right thing. This blog goes hand and hand with the last one about chivalry.

That ITFactor said:


YEA! WHAT SHE SAID! LOL But Yes I def. agree! IT really ticks me off that men can cheat all day but if they find out you cheated it's like the end of the world. Def. a double standard going on. Also, we all at some point have owned the cheat in thinking what could we have possibly done wrong, but I will never own a cheat again in LIFE, men cheat just to cheat, you can be doing everything right by the book and as soon as he get a little attention from somebody else he wants to see how far he can get. I'm getting to the point right now where I'm like F U PAY ME! LOL not literally, but straight up I'm done being the faithful woman..u want to do you I'm about to do me. At the end of the day ( I hate that phrase btw but it fits ) it will be his loss and my gain, he put his self in the run that to the bank!

A Woman Scorned

Zee Karim said:


Both of your points are very valid and understandable. I completely do not own a cheat EVER, that is not my problem and I advise no one to ever do that. I also don't play into the double standard, that is a societal rule and often a cop out.

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