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The Choking Kind: A Complainer's Story

Zee Karim

I'm 27 with an open-mind for opinions and strangers. I love everything about words, you can find me curled up with a good book any day and believe it or not I can read and listen at the same time..its called TALENT!

A woman I work with is an avid complainer. No matter what I say her response is rarely ever positive.

On a Monday morning she will say "Is it Friday yet?", this is a pretty normal humorous question asked often I noticed, but then she does it on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then when that faithful Friday rolls around her response is: "Is it 5 yet?" GOSH LADY!!!!

I am quite friendly with the people I work with so regardless of the annoyance of a person I tend to stay jovial. When I made a remake to said co-worker about her new haircut she commenced with a barrage of complaints about it being too short, too spiky, too blonde, too whatever! Then it dawned on me that maybe she is just a naturally unhappy person.

There are quite a few people that do not know how to take a compliment without feeling the need to downplay something about themselves, "this old thing" they would say to a meaningful compliment about their attire. Makes me wonder if complaining and downplaying ourselves is a way to make others feel better? If this is the case we got things all screwed up.

I used to be that girl that would point out my faults before someone else did, it was a way for me to detract the criticism of others. It became a habit of mine, until one day a friend pointed out that I was making her uncomfortable by complaining about myself. I am now fully aware that playing small for the sake of others isn't helpful nor welcoming.

I once pointed out to my co-worker that not all things have to be bad and to my dismay she laughed and each day she continues to complain. It's not a responsibility of mine to bring her to a better place, it is solely hers, but I still encourage her with a nice word contrary to her complaining. Being aware is the first step in fixing all bad habits, but I wonder if complaining is one of those bad habits that we hold on to unwillingly?  




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crownroyal said:

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Good piece!! I work around the same types at my job!!

Andy-Kid said:


Yeah, co-workers suck! Life ain't The Office...and it SUCKS!

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