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Chemicalization: Is Natural Hair just a phase?

Zee Karim

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My mother calls a chemicalization the process of purging all the bad to get to the good; I love her for all her insight.

But the chemicalization I recently experienced had to do with the hair on my head. For those that know me, they know that I have probably changed my hair every month since I was about 14, with the exception of getting braids that last a few months. I have always flip floped between going long or short, black or brown. Its exhilirating for me that I can change my hairstyles as often as I feel. But lately I have been worrying myself about whether or not I am actually taking care of my hair the way I should.

With many black women transitioning into wearing their hair natural, I've wondered if that is something I should do as well.

A week ago I did a major chop of the little hair that I did have and I semi regret it, not for the sake of the style but the fact that for a month prior I hadn't put any chemicals in my hair. I didn't want to put any in this time but I was told that I "needed" to and that process was horrifying.

Out of the 13 years that I have put chemicals in my hair to relax the root, my hair has never burned like this last time. I was on the brink of tears. Then the heat from the curling iron took the cake, I have come to the conclusion that I can't do this anymore. Previous to me going to the hair shop my boyfriend let me know that he didn't like the fact that I chose to start wearing weaves again and going to the shop so often, his solution was "Just comb your own hair". I laughed but he's right I pay so much money to have someone else do something that I should be doing on my own. As fabulous as I look after getting a fresh hairdo, it doesn't account for all the pain that I go through to get it.

Many of my friends have gone natural and I love their styles but I was a silent advocate against going natural because I thought it was just a phase. But now, for me, I see it as a necessary way of escaping the rigourous routine of a hairstyle that last no more than a week.

I may change my mind about this after publishing this post, as I do with many things in my life. But I am realizing that the many things I have become accustomed to are in place only because I still have a fear of changing routine. This time around I may decide to just give something new a try. 




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That ITFactor said:


Love the article...U know my story Natural for almost 5 years strong and maybe every blue moon think about going back to relaxer ( on bad hair days)..but I can never pull myself to do so. Rock the curls, twist outs, straightened, whatever u like. :o)

Zee Karim said:


Yes, I love to see the many styles of natural hair, its all about taking that first step.

Jael said:

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congrats on your big chop! you have an excellent point concerning changing the routine and going natural is definitely a game changer. IMHO, natural hair is not a fad or the new hottest thing that will fade into the sunset when something else comes along. As people are transitioning their relaxed hair to natural they are becoming educated and realizing that going natural is so much more.

Natural Jael

Zee Karim said:


Jael I love your website. Thanks for the encouragement

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