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Marriage: The 21st Century Dilemma

Zee Karim

I'm 27 with an open-mind for opinions and strangers. I love everything about words, you can find me curled up with a good book any day and believe it or not I can read and listen at the same time..its called TALENT!


Yesterday while trying to change my facebook status from single to in a relationship, I mistakenly put married. After a few comments and "likes", I retracted my status and verified that I was indeed not married and very happily in a relationship.

After a while, I began to wonder why I was not married? I have been in relationship for 6 years, we have a very lively and beautiful daughter, we share a living space and for the most part we are very happy. The topic of marriage has come up a few times but I don't have that burning desire to declare that we should get married or else!

When I asked a few friends what they felt about getting married majority of the answers veered toward, "if it happens it happens". Where is the enthusiasm? Are the new generations of women and men too focused on individualism?

My mother's generation was the baby boom generation and marriage at that time wasn't an option it was pretty much the requirement. At what point did being married become an option? This is the question I pose to myself as well, my answer would be that I just don't have the overwhelming sensation to "jump the broom". Divorce rates are high and getting higher, drive by weddings and Vegas quickie weddings are a phenomenon and that spells out that marriage is being taken too lightly. 

At one point to be married by the time you graduated from high school was an accomplishment. If you dare ask any teenager today if they wanted to be married soon after their high school graduation, they may answer with an expletive or they may be too focused on updating their facebook status to answer you. Oh how times have change.  



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That ITFactor said:

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I think you are talking about me! LOL But yes Marriage is definitely not a high priority in my life right now. Yes, it would be nice but cheating is like an epidemic right now. No one is faithful. So why waste my time marrying someone that I know will probably end in divorce. I really do miss the days when the love was "Golden". They just don't make men like they used to, and women for that fact, but more so men. I do want to get married one day but at what cost?! I was just reading a status today on facebook where this married couple I know is obviously having infidelity issues and it's on blast for all of facebook to see, and I'm thinking do I really want to have to experience this? No, I don't.

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