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Pay Tithes or get shot

Zee Karim

I'm 27 with an open-mind for opinions and strangers. I love everything about words, you can find me curled up with a good book any day and believe it or not I can read and listen at the same time..its called TALENT!

I am not a Chrisitian, so I often stay away from religious conversations. But, just recentlly I was sent a video that unnerved me so much that I am choosing to express my feelings about it.




In this life we have choices and going to Church, in my opinion, is a choice. No one should be ridiculed or tomented if they see the need not to attend church regularly or if ever.

Another choice one has is the option of making a tithe. I am a tither because I see the benefit of giving to others. I do not give tithes to any religious organization though, better yet I give to those I see that are in need of a helping hand. As often as I see fit I give 10% of my earnings to a person or a family that is in need.

The aforementioned video that was sent to me, was a youtube video with a voice over of Creflo Dollar explaining how he would handle non-tithers that entered his church, point blank he would shoot them and then commence to doing his sermon. Now, he says he would only do this if he weren't covered in the blood of Jesus, so I'm guessing that's a good thing. He goes on to say that you CAN NOT receive prosperity, blessings or deliverance unless you tithe. 

This was even more unnerving because you cannot force someone to do what you want them to do, especially when it comes to their morales and their values of living. I see it as trying to place guilt in someone for personal gain and this is the reason so many people see it absolutely unnecessary to attend religious sanctuaries.

Do not misunderstand me, there are many benefits in congregating in churches, I just feel that no one should be manipulated or coerced into doing something just because another HUMAN says it has to be done. Be mindful, there may be prophets and apostles that walk among us but not everyone who says they are, actually fit the bill. 

In reading this please remember that this is my opinion and that I have the right to express it. 




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syoung03 said:

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At first I thought this would generate a feeling of irate disgust but this just makes me sad. Creflo(why would you ever put faith in a person named creflo dollar any who)is the epitome of everything that church/Christianity NOT. He's manipulated and made a mockery of the Word for profit. Its people like him that make those who need the church most stray away.To anyone who has not had the pleasure of partaking in a real service of praise please don't take his actions and outlandish ideas as an accurate representation of the Christian community and its teachings. This is NOT Christianity this is buffoonery(for lack of a better word nothing amusing about this)and greed at its finest. ANYTHING for a profit huh Mr. Dollar

Instituteoflove said:

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Do I Have To Tithe?

Does it sound familiar to you when the pastor at one point during the church service says: “It‘s now the time for you to give your tithes and offerings.”?

“Tithing” means giving 10% of your income to the church, and “offerings” is commonly known as giving to a mission project, guest speaker, or for instance, another ministry or person.

I remember it was several years ago, when I was going through some testing times, a preacher I knew, accusatorily insinuated that the reason I was going through difficulties was because I wasn’t tithing, and therefore the wrath of God was upon me. Of course he knew nothing of my giving, but I was still thrown off, feeling condemned and guilty, thinking to myself: “What if he is right? Maybe I missed giving my tithes, or maybe I still owe God money for months passed?” But then I heard God’s voice whispering to me: “I do love you. This has nothing to do with tithing.” God was trying to tell me that even though this preacher was condemning me, He still loved me regardless and that this man had missed the point entirely.

camsoup01 said:

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Amen, Instituteoflove. It is always a blessing to hear the Lords voice.

One thing about this is the message he spoke was a what if scenario. It was what if we were still in Old Testimant times. During those times God expressed the seriousness of committing sin. If you sinned against God, your judgement was death. Not to obey God's commandment and give Him the first (10%) of what you made, you sinned deserving death. So as brother Creflo was saying, "aren't you glad we are not those times anymore", because if we were then that is what you would deserve. He may have went to the extreme for those who are on the outside looking in. But to get caught up in the who's getting who's money, is a distraction from the truth. Pay your tithes and offerings and the Heavens will not be like a brass ceiling for you. If he(Creflo) receives your money with false intentions, then he will be judged for his actions by God. You just do your part and obey the commands of the Father. Also, its God's money anyway. He allows you to keep 90% of what was given to you. Be greatful, not greedy.

God bless

Carpedeim82 said:

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When I first saw this it turned my stomach. Why is everything about money nowadays? I agree with tithing however a person shouldn't be forced to tithe.

Zee Karim said:


It becomes about money when greed is in the heart.

ThomW said:

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I’ve listen to what Dollar said and how he said it and it reminds me of a time when an evangelist had all the brand new converts ushered to the back room. He then said that they were going to have them lineup and killed so there was now chance of them backsliding. I have no doubt that someone reading this was just offended but trust me when I said everyone in the sanctuary laughed. It was a joke of course. I think he said it only because at that moment, the way the ushers were working the crowed it just had that kind of feel to it. I think what Dollar was trying to convey was how important it was not to steal from God. Dollar was merely showing his passion by standing out in front of God like a henchman demanding that you give to God what you owe him and that he was about to inflict horrible judgment to anyone who dare steal what is rightfully Gods. Then you see the Master (God if you will) showing His Grace by putting a grip on the leash and saying, ”Down Boy, Down!” I don’t believe that dollar was actually indorsing a Spanish Inquisition. Rather, he was trying to convey how important tithing is. Unfortunately, some of us treat the act of giving to God as if it is nothing more than another superstition.
As for the second part of the clip I don’t know all of the circumstances but I can tell you if my pastor spoke of a need and the church responded by showering gifts on the steps of the alter like that he would probably break out dancing with praise too. And my pastor doesn’t dance.
All I can tell you is that we can benefit more by thanking God for when someone else gets blessed. I know that I have a better chance at lining myself up for what God has for me when I see a Man of God getting blessed with a new car, a house, or even a new jet and giving Him praise and thankfulness for the blessings that came upon another man. “What good is it if a man gains the whole world but forfeits his soul?” If any preacher is blessed like Dollar and he doesn’t have is heart right before God then those things will be all the Heaven he’ll experience. So, instead of acting like Judas and demanding that the money could have been better spent on the poor. Delight in what God is doing and don’t be afraid to give all your wealth to God not just in tithing but your mindset about money and then you won’t be so angry when bad things happen. Why? Because, it’s not yours to begin with. It’s God’s.

RaKa said:

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Are you for real? this guy has lost it. One minute and 32 seconds into the VDO, I am in shock that he has this attitude toward anyone agressively for an optional function to an organization. Oh, and the super dollar shuffle in the church dome, what was that really all about? Wake up congregation and turn within to your own indwelling Lord - for Free. Jesus said, 'you can do greater works than I.' Think about it, with these words, one could create their own flow without a Creflo D.

Fatimid said:

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Tell em again girl!!!

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