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Let the Opinions Begin

Zee Karim

I'm 27 with an open-mind for opinions and strangers. I love everything about words, you can find me curled up with a good book any day and believe it or not I can read and listen at the same time..its called TALENT!

"If I want your opinion, I will give it to you" - Martin Lawrence

Opinions are everywhere. With the creation and expansion of social networking and blogs, the world has become saturated with opinions. So my solution to that is to add my own opinion to the mix, served hot or cold, however you like it.

I am the self-proclaimed loud mouth among my friends, and family. Often the things that come out of my mouth are some form of an often exaggerated experience of commuting or traveling throughout downtown Chicago.

Am I the only one who saw the homeless man fishing (equipped with fishing rod and bucket) while walking down State Street during lunchtime? Or what about that one guy who has been singing on the red and green line since 2002?

Quite often it seems that I am the only one witnessing the craziness of my city. I crave the abnormal and extraordinary, why else would I live in a city that has popularized cows, allowed an artist to place the biggest eye ever seen in the middle of the Loop and attracts crowds with a gigantic silver bean.

Here goes everything, I present to you Matter of Opinions, enjoy the ride; it will be as bumpy and enjoyable as a popular CTA bus route with all the perks



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syoung03 said:

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well said zee!always nice to see the world through the perspective of others. its our opinions that can unite and divide us. looking forward to reading the way i'm familiar with the redline singer lol

Carpedeim82 said:

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I love the Martin quote. Good job Zee!!!!!!!!
I think you tell the best stories ever. I can't wait to read more.

JayCeeMiller said:

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Ha Zee - that dude been singing way before 2002, I think it was sometime in the eighties when I first saw him! LOL! Good Luck Love on your writing venture!

kaynwil said:

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Whoa! The things you've seen! LOL! Yeah, Chicago is chock full of nutjobs and they seem to congregate downtown! Good commentary!

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