About Connie

Connie Reyes is the self-proclaimed laziest person in Chicago, if not the world.  But all that will soon change as she embarks on a goal that would make any couch potato cringe: training for the 2010 Chicago Marathon. 
Prior to committing to running 26.2 miles around Chicago, her previous exercise regime included reaching for the remote, walking to her car, and doing laps around the mall.  The only marathon she has ever participated in prior to this was a 5 hour "MTV The Hills" TV Marathon on one lazy summer day.
Nowadays, you can find Connie running her butt off while listening to bad pop music.  When she's not breaking one of several rules at her local gym, she also spends time going to the bar, watching TV, and getting annoyed with people on her daily commute to work.  She has lived in Chicago all her life, yet will probably manage to somehow get lost on the Marathon course this coming October. 
Read along as Connie runs/walks/crawls her way to the finish line, motivating you to burn some calories as well (if not only from laughing).

Feel free to contact her via email: marathonmissfit@gmail.com

or via Twitter @marathonmissfit

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