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Welcome to Love In the Time of Foreclosure - also known as LITTOF!

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why "love in the time of foreclosure"?

In January of 2009 my mom- a veteran Real Estate Agent- told me that more than 70% of people facing foreclosure never once talk to the banks. As we were in the midst of our own foreclosure saga, I found this statistic to be staggering. And understandable. The last thing we wanted to be doing was talking to the banks on a weekly basis.

Love in the Time of Foreclosure was created on the hunch that people might want to hear about our experience on the inside of foreclosure--the stories, the gruesome details and the lessons we learned while trying everything possible to save our dream house.

We didn't save it, but we did avoid foreclosure and proved the strength of our marriage in the process. Our house sold in a short sale after eleven months on the market. We learned so much in that time... about ourselves and what really matters!

The same day we left our house to the new owners  (June 30, 2009) and headed back to the Midwest to my home town of Barrington, IL, we received an e-mail from a LITTOF reader who was wondering if we might be interested in taking care of their new house for two years in exchange for a place to live rent-free. This place turned out to be Friday Harbor, WA. We said yes. We spent the summer living with my family and in October, headed out on our next adventure. On an island in the Pacific Northwest.

We began this journey determined to make the best of it and are evolving a little more every day and embracing simplicity as a way of life.

This blog is about the ups and the downs.
How to stay sane in the face of great adversity.
And how love can flourish in worst of circumstances.

What now? Two years on an island to restart our lives. We're making the most of this gift. We're grateful for this wonderful place to live and the opportunity to live rent-free while we pay off our debt. Our goal is to be 100% debt-free at the end our two years in this house.

who is LITTOF?

I am Steph, he is Bob

He is the computer consultant, I am the writer
(But, I love it when he writes and he loves it when I geek-out on the computer.)

We met on an AIDS Ride from Minneapolis to Chicago. We rode our bikes 500 miles in 6 days. This was our first date. And that was 11 years ago.

Love in the Time of Foreclosure is our story.

We love to hear from readers and invite your questions.
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who is the "real estate mom"?

Pam Weinert is my mom. Here on LITTOF she is known as The Real Estate Mom. The LOVE part of this blog is not only about Bob & Steph. It's about the love of family and friends too. And I love my mom. She's amazing. I also happen to think she's a pretty wonderful writer.

Also, she's a Realtor and has been for 30 years in Barrington, Illinois. In this "Time of Foreclosure" she has a lot to say from a pretty unique perspective. In 2006, when Bob and I were moving into our new house, she and her husband Tom moved onto their boat where they lived for a year doing the Great Loop. She's a Baby Boomer. And a lover of life.

Look for her posts every Wednesday.

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