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Who is TLT?

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and each one has its own character. When I moved here in 2001 I quickly realized I hadn't moved to Chicago, I'd moved to River North. To help me get in touch with my new neighborhood I created an online business directory, and The Local Tourist was born. Since then the site expanded until it covered all of downtown Chicago, and last summer was completely redesigned to include all of the Windy City's neighborhoods.

As TLT has grown, so has my love for this city, and now my job is to help people truly get the most out of Chicago, from dining to nightlife to live music to festivals and on and on.

It's been a wild ride. My parents no longer ask me when I'm going to use my Journalism degree. I was a Peter Lisagor Award finalist this year and won an Emmy for my work with NBC5 on their Looptopia coverage. 

Now I'm excited to be here at ChicagoNow helping visitors navigate this exciting, energetic, and complex city with the comfort of the local. I welcome your questions and comments, so feel free to contact me any time!


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