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Where's the Best Parking?

That's a question I receive - and ask - frequently. And no wonder. Parking in Chicago is an ever-loving nightmare, especially downtown. Street parking is rare, and garage prices elicit sticker-shock from the uninitiated and the experienced alike. Then there's finding a garage in the first place; you certainly don't want to be searching for one while you're driving around the Loop or Gold Coast.
Fortunately there's a new site that can help reduce the pain of parking. BestParking.com was started in New York as NYCGarages.com - Chicago parking seems expensive until you take a gander at their prices! - and is now in several cities throughout the country and recently launched in Chicago.

You can search for a garage by neighborhood, address, intersection, and attraction. Pick your search criteria, then enter when you're arriving and leaving, and a map of garages, with prices, appears! How do you know the rates are correct? Some of them are guaranteed; the rest are checked quarterly, but there's also contact information.

They're only in the downtown neighborhoods, and the list of attractions is pretty sparse right now, but they will be expanding. I used it this weekend to help one of The Local Tourist's visitors find a garage near Taste of River North and was pleased with how easy it was to use.




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Tracy Samantha Schmidt said:


You could always pray for a parking spot, like Jen Weigel over at I'm Spiritual Damnit. http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/spiritual-dammit/2009/07/spirituality-and-parking-spaces.html

Jen Weigel said:


Yes indeed- I like to say "thank the universe in advance.." because "PRAY" seems so religious- but I swear on my dead Dad's ashes- I have gone years with getting ROCK STAR parking spaces wherever I need them- in places as crowded as the corner of Ohio and Michigan Avenue..

Seems kind of weird I know- but try it- and let me know... There are enough parking angels out there for all of us, I do believe.

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