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Do you need a scientific calculator and a spreadsheet in order to figure out who your favorite player is?

Do you like baseball best when it looks like your advanced calculus final?

Do you think box scores exist to help the "simple people" understand the game?

If so, this might not be the website for you, not that we wouldn't love to have you.

A League of Her Own is a worldwide online community of Cubs fans, ranging from casual fans to SABR devotees. Above all, we understand that, as Cubs fans, a healthy sense of humor is of the utmost importance.

Founded by a female Cubs fan whose love for the Cubs was set in stone thanks to the dreamy green eyes of Mark Grace, A League of Her Own has evolved into the online equivalent of your local neighborhood bar - where the game is always on, friends are always around, and everyone knows your name (but still calls you stupid nicknames and reminds you when it's your turn to buy a round).

So stop reading and join the fun already!

email cubbiejulie at leagueofherown (at) gmail (dot) com follow LOHO on Twiter (aleagueofherown) FaceBook (A League of Her Own)!

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