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Stargaze: the end of an 11 year era

Katherine Winfrey-King

a Chicago-based lesbian searching for her dignity

New Years Eve marked Stargaze's last hurrah...allegedly.  Though whispers of closing are nothing new to the Clark St. rumor mill, this one seems to be legit. 

Now, I'm thinking it's Stargaze's last night ever.  Pre-Stonewall lesbians will be coming out of the woodwork (literally- the bar is wood paneled), the booze will be flowing, and there will be bitches in the sittin' room (you know, those card tables between the pool table and erotic photo hunt/pacman) gettin' it on and that they wouldn't be leavin' til 6 in the morn.

Shit was I wrong.  I rolled up at the respectable hour of 1:30am only to find that the lights were on and people were already leaving en masse.  WHAT a disappointment!

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Lights on, go home

On a more serious note, let us not lament the closing of Stargaze as a bar so much as we must contemplate the larger implications of its loss.  I trace my first woman crush back to Claire Huxtable.  As such, I like beautiful black women.  While I can't say I ever dated anyone I met at a bar, I did very much rejoice in Stargaze's Saturday hip hop and house set, as I did in the Generator's Friday night dance parties before that one went under too. 

Stargaze, despite being a bit weird and anachronistic, was successful in bringing in women of all sizes, colors, and ages from the South Side, West Side, suburbs, and beyond!

I think we're all painfully aware that the Andersonville we used to know is now Mandersonville, and the home of double-wide baby strollers and Ugg wearing yoga moms.  How can we keep Andersonville both gay and diverse? 

Ladies, I think we need to take the Call.



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Mia said:


As someone who used to work at this ridiculous bar I will actually miss it. It was definitely the place to go for every walk of life and it's sad to think there isn't anything like it around here. I guess a road trip to Milwaukee's Walker's Pint is in order.

Marc Felion said:


Stargaze was a lesbian prison bar. When a lady got released from prison they would give them give a token for a free drink at Stargaze."

You'd be surprised how many people believed me when I told them that.

I think you should take the Call, they aren't doing anything with it.

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