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Jay "Quitler", The T-Shirt

Well this didn't take long.


This shirt is from a site called "Sportscrack", and you can get your t-shirt to mock Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler for $17 there.

I think I'll make one that says "Jay Is My Quarterback". I don't think he quit at all. He didn't play well, but he certainly didn't endure an epic, sustained beating to bow out in the NFC Championship game. It just doesn't add up.

Choking Hazard: Jay or the Toy?

There are a few interesting things about this toy.

  1. Jay looks like he is wearing a fanny pack, not a hand warmer.
  2. It looks as if the ACL on his left knee is about to explode into bits.
  3. The warning labels are exceedingly rich in irony.


Breathe through your nose, Bears fans. Cutler will rebound. I agree with a comment I heard on sports radio: Cutler is a good QB that had a bad game.

Butler to Cutler: New T-Shirt

I dig this. Got a Tweet about a site that is selling a new Jay Cutler shirt. The site is Butler to Cutler. Simple but cool concept: number 6 has gone from Kevin Butler to Jay Cutler. Since Butthead won a ring back with our beloved '85 Bears, I can only hope this is a portent of great things to come. But this time let's get more one championship, mm-kay?

Here's some pics of the new shirt:


One more pic after the jump...
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Ridiculous Jay Cutler Collectibles

cutler shirt.jpg

You know you want one.

Apparently Amazon has not been informed that Jay was traded to the Bears. The caricature on the shirt has him in his Bears uniform, but the item listing says "Denver Broncos #6 Jay Cutler" shirt. Jay looks so happy about the pass he is about to throw on the shirt. Good times.

Hey if you order now, you probably can wear it for Sunday night! Score! Or if you are in Denver, buy it with your hard-earned money and then destroy it!

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