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Coach Ditka: Not a Jay Cutler Fan

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Da Coach, Mike Ditka was recently the subject of an interview in the Sun-Times, and it seems he isn't the biggest fan of Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler.

"People talk about the combine, about body fat, 40 times, bench presses, how high you can jump," said Ditka. "That's great, but how do you measure heart?"

He went on to say that while leadership is hard to define, it comes down to "class," something he feels Newton has. Ditka also said the Bears might want to take a look at the QB position in the draft.

"If Cutler's not in the future, go after the best quarterback available," said Ditka.

"Leadership and character, you can't teach those."

I think that Cutler showed plenty of leadership and character throughout 2010. He got sacked more than any QB in the league and kept getting up and back into the huddle. He never once threw his porous O-line under the bus. But Cutler might never live down leaving the Green Bay game until he wins it all. And that hardly seems fair.



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Albert in Tucson said:


As I recall, Da Coach wasn't a big fan of Jim McMahon, either.

IrishSweetness said:


But later he called him the smartest football player he'd ever coached. Thing is, Jim found a way to win, and if that meant changing plays then that's what got done. Cutler doesn't do that.

sjvl said:


You are correct, Al. Until they won, of course.

SteveCO said:

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Ditka turned into a burned out screaming idiot far before he quit coaching the Bears.

Ditka and McMahon, acting like spoiled twits - with Ditka the coach showing the least class - destroyed a Bears team that should've won three Super Bowls.

Ditka's most compelling insanity occured with QB Jim "Now A Super Coach, Better Than Mike" Harbaugh. The Bears were up 21-0 when Harbaugh threw an INT returned for a TD and a 21-7 lead. The Bears eventually lost, and Harbaugh had no hand in the defense turning to crap. But Ditka laid it all at Harbaugh's feet and the public became fully aware of RageRedneck, the new Ditka. The Bears somewhat promising season was gone, and so was any point in keeping Irony Mike in Chicago.

Shut up, Mike. You wouldn't know a good QB if he bit your hand.You don't like his attitude. Be a man and 'fess up. It's why you hated McMahon as well.And shave off that stupid Hitler mustache.

Steve said:

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I think what Ditka is refering to is Cutler's lack of heart, leadership, and character in the Championship game this last year. As we all know, Cutler's body language was all telling and a QB with heart would have done everything they could to get back in the game. On the subject of Ditka not being a fan of Cutler's, has he really ever been a fan of an Bear QB in the last twenty years? He didn't like McMahon in his prime, he cut ties with Flutie way too soon as it turns out, and he failed to make things work with Harbaugh. I love Ditka, but I don't necessarily trust his judgment on good QB's, it was never one of his strong points.

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