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Peter King: Jay Cutler Not Liked by NFL Players

Peter King was on WEEI to talk all things football, and spoke about Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler. Here's what King had to say.

On leaving the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers:

"There's no question in my mind that Cutler was limited and was not going to be able to be himself and wasn't going to be totally right. No question about it. However, I think there are more than 10 starting quarterbacks in the NFL, including the one who plays in this town (Brady), who would not have come out of the game. They would have said, 'Tape it up as tight as you can, and put a knee brace on -- do something -- but I'm playing in this game. Am I saying he should have played? No. I'm not saying he should have played. What I'm saying is there are players who would have played with what Jay Cutler had."

On Cutler's toughness:

"You're asking me if I question his toughness. And the answer is yes, I question it. But I think it's natural to question it when you have players out there who are saying, in essence, that, 'I would have played with that.' And I think a lot of them would have."

On Cutler's personality:

"He's just not a guy who's very highly regarded or very well liked by other players in the league."

King is a well-respected football writer, and you can see why from these quotes. He thinks things through and allows for different viewpoints. But the quote about Brady is a bit specious. Brady is game, but recall that he too left an AFC Championship game in 2001. Then he did play in the Super Bowl just 2 weeks later.



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fossilhippie said:


Here's another news item. King doesn't care for the Bears in general. If Peter King's face were on fire I wouldn't....

csharp3410 said:

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Who cares....I didnt know other player were suppose to like you lol

jk80906 said:

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The weak-assed, Stinkin' JayBaby isn't even the best QB in his division, by a long ways. In fact, he's third right now.

That is, unless the Vikes trade for Orton. Then, he'll be the worst QB in the division.

DaCoach's Mustache said:


Staffords played like 5 games in his career, retard.

csharp3410 said:

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Stafford cant even stay on the feild...hes not better then Cutler.....yet anyways. Bears need a Offensive line and WRs. That could help as well.

Bears messed up the day they got rid of THomas Jones. He was/is a 1000 yd running back and we just let him go and wasted a draft pick on Benson when we should of started drafting O-lineman. Since Benson left....we had to draft Forte, which also could of been a O-lineman if we kept Thomas Jones. Chris Williams was a wimp during combine draft workouts...we should of known he wasnt going to be that great.

Scott said:

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Who cares what that fat, furry bastard has to say?

shawnaseeds said:

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This is getting crazy. Here is the best article I've read yet on the subject: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/7696198/judging_cutlers_toughness.html?cat=14

DaCoach's Mustache said:


If Peter King were a sexual act, he'd be a handjob.

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