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Twitter Kills Jay Cutler

As soon as Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler left the game, an enormous barrage of tweets were posted just hammering him. They came from announcers, NFL players and fans. Only Joe Buck might have got more negative tweets than Cutler. A sample of the derision (BAD LANGUAGE INCLUDED):

cutler tweets.png



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Ed Nickow said:


Forget the injury. What did Cutler accomplish in the game before he either sat himself down or wasn't allowed to return?


That's the real story of his performance today.

That he didn't return to the game after the injury, however severe, might be the only reason the Bears had a chance in the last two minutes.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Yeah, that certainly didn't go according to plan.

dhaab said:


Like Ed said, if Cutler had stayed in the game, the Bears wouldn't have scored a point the whole game.

dhaab said:


BTW, why did Hanie shave his porn-stache after the game? That thing was AWSOME!

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