Jay Cutler Superstar

Pictorial Ripping of Jay Cutler

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler has not only been killed by announcers, players and fans on Twitter, people are expressing their sentiments through the wonders of mock photos.

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Dubsdread18 said:


the dude was hurt. he never quit when he was getting jacked-up by chronic sackings. it's stupid to think he bailed yesterday.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


I couldn't agree more with you. He takes a beating all year but decides to quit now? Doesn't add up.


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He played like crap yesterday. But think he is a tough man. Why play when you are not able to? rember folks team comes first and he gave up his postion knowing he was gonna catch all kinda hell from dumb ass folks, yet he still put team first knowing this. Very easy to sit in your chair and call yourself He Man.

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