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Jay Cutler: Victim of the "NFL's Moron Soap Opera"


Jay Cutler is not so much "untough" -- seriously, I heard someone call him that --  as he is a victim of the NFL's moron soap opera, writes SB Nation's Spencer Hall.

"..the track record for Cutler does not indicate that. I watched Cutler play one of the tougher games by a quarterback at the college level I'd ever seen, a 49-42 loss by his Commodores to Florida in the Swamp in 2005. The game was a distillation of Cutler's entire career at Vanderbilt: abuse, zero blocking by his offensive line, throws off his back foot that somehow rocketed into receivers' hands over and over again, and ultimately a near-miss at glory by an undermanned team.

Cutler had the scowl and general bitchfacedness going back then, but you can't see that under the helmet. All you could see was the durability of a player who watched a good number of his completions from underneath a linebacker or defensive lineman, and the effect he had had on his teams. There was no "sparkle," no "charm," no dreaded "playing like a kid out there." He threw the ball hard. it went the right places. Vanderbilt competed in more games than they deserved to as a result of Cutler doing his job well. It's amazing how simple this equation is when you factor out the NFL's farting miasma of machismo and PR stunting."

You have to read the rest of the column for the full effect, but it's an amazing piece that clearly deciphers the "code" behind being a tough guy and playing through injuries and why Cutler didn't get a pass on Sunday when other players would have.



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