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Jay Cutler Gets the Rick Reilly Rip Job

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Rick Reilly's article on Jay Cutler begins like this: "For a man from Santa Claus, Ind., Jay Cutler is one of the least jolly people you've ever met." You probably could have stopped right there, if not for the atrocity of that play on words, than for the utter ridiculousness at writing such a thing.

There was Reilly, just hours earlier on local ESPN radio, bemoaning the fact that he couldn't get much face time with the Chicago Bears QB. But in those tender, fleeting moments that he did spend with Cutler, apparently Reilly and his super powers of detection were able to come to such a conclusion. Interesting.

So since Cutler doesn't especially care to help the media with their jobs -- it sucks when work is hard, right? -- he is obviously the biggest lout ever. At least to hear Reilly tell it.

Quick: take three of your less than spectacular moments. Let Rick Reilly corroborate the stories. Boom! He'll come back with a judgment about your being.

Reilly asks: "So why is Cutler as popular as gout? Is it because he never makes eye contact?

Is it his seeming inability to answer a question without using "y'know"? (He once used it 57 times in a five-minute interview with the NFL Network.) Is it his penchant for making things difficult?"

Maybe it's because people like Rick Reilly continue to perpetrate this type column on the masses. Peyton Manning is the biggest jerk ever when it comes to dealing with teammates and calling them out. But he's A-OK because he gives the media the face time they so richly deserve. He's funny in commercials! He must be a great guy!

Does Cutler have a punch-me face, and at times a pissy attitude? Yep. Does that make him a joyless jerk? Hardly. Cutler isn't out kicking dogs, or killing them for that matter. Yet across the country people want to heap it on him. Why? Partly because of people like Rick Reilly.

The veil over Reilly is so thin. Had Cutler given him some one-on-one time, this column would be substantially different. It would have focused more on the quality traits he briefly touched on: his struggle with diabetes, his charitable work and how Cutler has taken a beating all season but kept getting up and never once threw his O-line under the bus.

Instead, Reilly took the easy route and continued to pile it on Cutler. How weak and unoriginal.



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dhaab said:


I would guess that even the majority of Bears fans would admit that Cutler is a pretty unlikeable personality. Reilly is just an old journalist who was writing an easy column about the Bears. And look, he got you to link to it and expose it to many like me, who probably never would have read it otherwise. ;)
Good luck against Seattle.

dennie said:

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Rick Reilly got his panties in a knot over Cutler??? Cutler is a harmless, nice guy who is uncomfortable with the media and would rather keep to himself. Please Rick, maybe you should retire. Instead of asking Greg Olsen if Jay is funny....how about asking some hard questions like...hey Mike Vick, how could you kill dogs? Hey Ben, so what WERE you doing in the bathroom with that girl against her will? Hey Peyton, why DO you yell and blame your teammates whenever something goes wrong?

Apollo773 said:

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We all know Cutler is a cry baby. He is always wearing his famous "sour puss" face. Look the answer to this problem is simple, Jay Cutler is a penis, but hes my penis and Ill love him until he no longer performs..lmfao

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Your comment...FOR THE WIN!!!

rut419 said:

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That comment may be the best one I have ever read.

sjvl said:


I really like Cutler - and his style.

Too bad he doesn't kiss butt left and right like Tom Brady. Did the Bears hire him as their PR person, or their QB?

Get over it.

Dubsdread18 said:


good post. seems like every columnist's take on an athlete is directly related to 2 variables. number of minutes the athlete grants the writer, plus the number of times the athlete smiles and looks the writer in the eye. jcut isn't the kind of guy plugging in big numbers into this equation. for me, my take is determined by 2 different variables - touchdowns and interceptions. go bears.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Thanks for all the comments -- good stuff. Philip Rivers is another ornery QB that comes to mind.

bigyaz said:

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Weak and unoriginal would be a knee-jerk, defensive column written by a Chicago homer attacking anyone who would write something negative about his team's QB. Unlike you, I actually read Reilly's column, in which he gave examples from a lot of other people, gave Cutler credit for the good things he does and generally presented a balanced picture of a not very likeable guy.

Of course, every wannabe sportswriter out there loves to take shots at Reilly and others who have actually had success in the business. How weak and unoriginal.

GeekToMe said:


Hey Rick, at least sign in using your own name, huh?

You know what's worse than a "wannabe sportswriter"? People whose most significant contribution to the discourse is in comment sections saying how "weak and unoriginal" the wannabe is, when all they're doing is offering an opinion.

BTW, I read the column too, and quite frankly, wish I had back the 3 minutes it took me to read it. It offered nothing of substance and was pretty much a shot at Cutler's character, despite the other examples you say it provided.

Weak and unoriginal indeed.

bigyaz said:

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Gee, if you and your buddies are going to be bloggers and rip on other people you really need to get a thicker skin.

tanfina185 said:


And what's wrong with being a homer on a Chicago based blog? Christ, this isn't L.A. (the land of no homers). This is Chicago! Reilly gave mostly negative examples from others & so his article was unfairly biased. What's more, Reilly is writing for a national online rag, but with his slant, he may as well have been writing for the Seattle Times.

mjd said:

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This says it all about the Reilly story: http://blogs.dailyherald.com/node/5075

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