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Jay Cutler Gets the Last Laugh?

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They took Jay Cutler's Denver Broncos jersey and replaced his name with "Cry Baby". They took his Broncos jersey and set it on fire. Bitter Broncos fans took his jersey and flushed it down the toilet. There was no shortage of outrage at his departure, no name they wouldn't call him.

Then Josh McDaniels went 6-0 to start the 2009 season with Kyle Orton as his starting QB. Cutler threw a lot of interceptions. That made Broncos fans puff out their chests even more.

But now, Broncos fans are realizing that Jay Cutler is having the last laugh. From NFL.com's Broncos Blog:

Everyone can laugh, but only a select few get the last laugh.

Do you hear the chuckle coming from Chicago? There's a man by the name of Jay Cutler who is whooping it up with Bears fans. That's because the Bears are headed to the NFC Championship this weekend, one win removed from a Super Bowl appearance.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos are huddled around their television sets thinking about how their team had one more loss than the Bears had wins.

Josh McDaniels is gone and Orton has been replaced by Tim Tebow. Things change fast, maybe even the hearts of Broncos fans. Over at Predominantly Orange, another Broncos blog, they ran a poll asking if Broncos fans would like to see Jay Cutler and the Bears beat the Packers this weekend. As I type this post, 79% of the respondents voted "Yes". That's pretty remarkable considering what most Broncos fans thought about Cutler just a short time ago.

Maybe they are realizing that McDaniels shouldn't have alienated Cutler and perhaps Brandon Marshall, or that Pat Bowlen should have never fired Mike Shanahan in the first place. You have to give them their props. Would Chicago fans be able to make such an about face? I'm not sure.



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dhaab said:


I think the reasons the Bears are in the playoffs isn't really because of Cutler's performance. If anything, the Bears won this season because of 3 main factors.

1) They had virtually no significant injuries all season long.

2) Lovie FINALLY put Hester back in his best position, returning punts.

3) The defense played MUCH better than previous seasons because the team spent a ton of dough to sign Peppers while Urlacher and Briggs remained healthy all year.

Yes, Cutler did cut down on his interceptions in the 2nd half of the season, but that was mostly because the team FINALLY quit throwing the ball so much and got the running game more involved.

Matt Lo Cascio said:


All good points, the defense has been amazing and Hester has been like the old Hester. But Cutler was amazingly durable considering the pounding he took. He was sacked 17 more times than last year yet still improved his QB rating by almost 10 points while lowering his interception total by 10.

You could also look at it like this: if Cutler is not in there the Bears are nowhere near the division title.

dhaab said:


You think Denver fans are laughing now? Damn.

fbfanfirst said:

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@Matt Lo Cascio

How can you honestly say that? The Bears actually WENT to the Superbowl in 2007 with Rex Grossman as the QB most of the season, no Julius Peppers and No Mike Martz as an offensive coordinator.

Personally, I think it is fair to say, the Bears have been more successful than any team in NFL history at getting to the big game without an elite QB. I would have much rather had Orton during that game than Cutler. I know that defies many people's football logic but really, if Cutler mobility is such an asset, then why did he set an NFL sack record? Because it takes him too long to make reads and his footwork is bad. I watched Orton develop his QB skills. Though Cutler did improve his high interception total, he went on to set the record for being sacked.

Whatever.... If the Bears concentrate on developing Hanie, perhaps he could be the guy. That won't happen though because he doesn't have a big name. Bears fans will run Hanie out of town just as sure as they did Orton and for no actual reason except for his name.

Pouting Cutler said:

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Your article was a little premature - Jay Cutler Gets the Last Laugh? I live in Denver, and we are laughing our tails off. Chicago - You wanted him, you got him. Good luck dealing with his immaturity, lack of leadership, petulance, and arrogance...and oh ya, his choking. I think Denver got the last laugh on this one no matter what Cutler does in his career from here on out. The fact that even his NFL brethren think he's a snot-nosed, gutless wonder, should give you a idea of what he is made of.

Jimmy Greenfield said:


Yes, you're in Denver and you're laughing. You do realize the Broncos have lost 20 of their last 26 games and the Bears just played in the NFC title game?

The Broncos are a sad, pathetic franchise right now. It'll take years to recover from the McDaniels debacle.

ljl said:

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I live in Denver. I cried when Jay left. I own several Cutler jerseys and wear them at every opportunity. While wearing Jay's jersey, I have had service refused to on me in restaurants. I have had cashiers send me to other lines. I have had passengers try to keep me off from planes. I have had people offer to take it and burn it for me. The sports stores in Denver no longer stock his items. I still wear his jersey at every opportunity (my husband even lets me wear it to bed). And yes--I laugh at people that get frustrated when they can't persecute one of Cutler's fans. If I could get to Chicago for some games I would be in football heaven. I think Jay has received some unfair, biased press because of his knee injury and the role it might have played in their last loss. But, I think Jay has not done himself any favors when he has allowed his female friend K-Cav to influence his lifestyle. I know he makes his own choices, but I also believe that he knows that partying, alcohol, and not enough sleep all play a role in the control of his Type I Diabetes, not diet alone. And when blood sugars are off kilter, his entire life will tilt and he'll feel (and look) really crappy--hence the "pout" that the press likes to focus on. And so I feel really disappointed when I read that he is going to propose to her. Don't do it Jay!!! You deserve better and can find someone who cares enough to think of your health and how it will effect your play. Getting pulled into the scandalous marriage Kirstin will bring to you will keep you from being the great quarterback your talent proves you can be. So, while I'm in Denver and laughing, I'm also crying for Chicago if this relationship continues. Call me jealous, but if I wasn't twice your age and already married, I'd have been there for you a long time ago, baby!! You can still cry on my shoulder any time...

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