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Ex-Packer Rips Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton and Lovie Smith

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Ex-Green Bay Packer Greg Koch had some invective for Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler, head coach Lovie Smith and former Bears QB Kyle Orton.

"Man, I just never thought that his tampon would fall out on national TV. ... If you're a professional athlete, you answer the bell until they tell you there's no way you can play. You can brace that thing.

Nobody would've kept Tom Brady off the field if he wanted to play. Nobody would've kept Peyton Manning off the field. Then you don't just sit on the sideline and ride a bike like a little girl. ... I've never seen anything like it. If that's the guy leading your team, you deserve a coach named Lovie.

This isn't a normal profession where you go, 'I've got the flu and I'm not coming in today. There are times you just gotta gut it up, shoot it up and play. It's the NFC Championship Game. ... If it comes out that he needs surgery, then maybe I need to take some of this back. But right now, I'm seeing it as a strained ligament and I've seen a lot of guys play with a lot worse."

If there's two guys who do not look like an NFL quarterback, if you just look at their mug, it's Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton, and they traded these two slobs for each other."

Koch was a durable, solid lineman for many years. But bringing up Brady is the worst possible example he could have chosen. Brady injured his knee in the 2001 AFC Championship game and had to leave. But there he was in the Super Bowl, leading the Pats to victory over the Rams. Was Brady a wuss for leaving the game? Did people question his toughness since he was able to play in the Super Bowl. No.

It's all just so stupid. If the guy could play -- and help the team -- he would. Koch, meanwhile, offended all sorts of people with his words. And you can listen to the Koch interview here.



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Hadji said:

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sullygwc44 said:

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Gary Koch is an alcoholic of major proportions. He also used a lot of mdma and still does

sullygwc44 said:

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Matt you are a lousy bloogger.

csharp3410 said:

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Yea....lets play Cutler and let a 3 month injury turn into a year injury. OOOOH an then let him get hit by the best pass rusher in the league Clay Matthews!!! Great Idea!!!

TelltheTruth said:

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Cutler led the Bears to 3 points over his last 6 quarters against the Packers.

Why is anyone even wondering why he should have continued to play? He should have been benched for ineffectiveness.

That said, Martz should be fired for having Jay throw so much in the last regular game of the season. That allowed the Packers to blitz so much, it rattled Jay's confidence going into the championship game.

And Lovie should not be extended just for allowing Collins to go in ahead of Hanie.

tritonrider said:

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Oh, you mean the Brady who just had surgery to fix the broken foot he'd been playing with for weeks?
That game he came out of was because he knew that this guy who started the season and was out due to injury was behind him:

Bledsoe's claims to (Hall of Fame) are statistics that speak for themself. He's fifth all-time in completions (3,839), seventh in passing yards (44,611) and 13th in touchdown passes (251). He also finished his career with more passing yards than (23 Hall of Fame) quarterbacks, including Joe Montana (40,551 yards), Johnny Unitas (40,239), Jim Kelly (35,467) Steve Young (33,124), Troy Aikman (32,942), Terry Bradshaw (27,989), Joe Namath (27,663), Bart Starr (24,718) and Roger Staubach (22,700).

He didn't have a career journeyman at best, and a raw rookie waiting in the wings, if he had he would've stayed in.
Your Binky doesn't give a rat's butt about football, except the checks and women.
Go read Whitlock's current column. Sums it up pretty well.

66corvair said:

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I just love hearing about how SOMEONE ELSE'S knee does not hurt that bad. Given the natural talent ,inspiration, and perspiration necessary to get to the NFL level, I find it extremely hard to believe that Cutler's injury was anything but BAD. One does not work their entire life to play in the "Big Game " and then take a seat.

jarvis Williams said:

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Ok Koch, when you put your bottle down, address the racism in little Green Bay!

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