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Jay Cutler Create A Caption: Week 1

Make us laugh with a funny caption for this photo of Jay Cutler and Mike Martz from Sunday's Chicago Bears season opener.

Here's mine:
Cutler: "What should we have for dinner, hun?"
Martz: "I thought you said you were taking me to Olive Garden?"

cutler and martz.jpg

Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune



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Dellyn said:

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Jay: Shotgun formation?....Are you kidding me?...This is Chicago!

Martz: It's me or you kid!

Lindz said:


Cutler: A win's a win, right Coach?
Martz: You're no John Kitna, kid, but I think you'll do alright.

grandma said:

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Jay: Coach, they're the LIONS -
Martz: It's ok Jay
Jay: No, seriously, coach. Check the crowd - are the thumbs up or down?

Loke1 said:

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Cutler... I though Coach Tice said the line had it figured out??

Martz... That's what I heard through the grapevine...

Matt said:


Martz: If you throw another interception I get to be big spoon until we get to Dallas.
Cutler: Sounds like a dare...

Urlacher FTW said:


Martz: I thought you said you were done throwing into triple coverage.

Jay: That's just pillowtalk baby.

winstonchill29 said:


"Mikey, those puppet strings you've been looking for out here...I found them. They're firmly attached to Mr. Angelo (Pinocchio) and Mr. Phillips (Gapetto)....by the way, you wouldn't have a Fresca layin' around would ya??"

matsci said:

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Cutler: I wanna throw to Calvin Johnson next week!

Martz: Sorry, kid. Aromashodu will have to do.

Tab said:


Jay: Can you believe those bastards only put one-ply in the HOME locker room this week? The McCaskey's are SO cheap!

Martz: Hey, at least the players get toilet paper...

JVP said:

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Martz: "Damnit Jay, you PROMISED!"
Cutler: "I'm sorry, Martzey. Audrina won't go for you. I had Kristin talk to her. She says your net worth just isn't enough for her. Maybe LC or Whitney will do? Look, they are all just as dumb and pointless. Just eye candy, Martzey. Eye candy."
Martz: "Sigh......OK Jay. Make it happen."

lak42 said:

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Damn it, Ron would have never called that!

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