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Those Crazy Packers Fans!

Since the Pack are in the playoffs and we are not, I figured it was time to make fun of their fanbase again. We all know they are making fun of us for missing the playoffs again. So here's the 21-pic salute post I did earlier in the year, now with more snark and more pics in fancy slideshow fashion.



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Fernando Diaz said:


the last picture is absolutely classic.

civilwarhero said:


That's not funny...that's SICK!

sullygwc44 said:

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It's Packer Fans.

Bearce Fan. I love the Bearce! I hate the Packers.

Romero said:

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You mean like the guy with the frozen boogers? Hahaha

Go back to milking the bulls

ChitownPackerFan said:

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I mean like this guy with a Bears tattoo on his head. I'm not kidding...you Bears fans really are a classy bunch! Hahaha


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