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Jay Cutler Create a Caption #16

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Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune



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Rock Mamola said:


"With a little help from my friends!"



Stormin Norman said:

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Hester: I don't get it Jay, we came back against them last time
Cutler: Yeah, well we played defense last time too big guy.

kevinkr said:

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"Hey Dev, when did you start wearing a jock strap during the game?"

brncophan said:

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Looks like the Windy City is figuring out what the Mile High City already knows. Cutler is an average quarterback with an above average arm. The Broncos were lucky enough to get rid of him before they got stuck with a $10,000,000.00 per yr. contract. All Da Bears fans that laughed when they pulled off the trade of the cuntury, might listen to the sound coming from the mountains. It's not wind, that's laughter comin from them tha're hills.....

MikeBrownhadaPosse said:


Aren't you dumbasses on a 3 game losing streak?
Kyle and his bum ankle are back as well, so I hope you enjoy watching Chris Simms throw the ball into the stands for the next month.

thnxno7 said:

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Uh, Orton helped stop our losing skid. Has Cutler helped you guys end yours yet, "jackass"

thnxno7 said:

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"Hey, Pumpkin. I hear Kelly Clarkson AND Clay Aiken are playing down at the Blue Oyster Bar. After we rinse each other off we should head down there. My treat..."

Matt Lo Cascio said:


Best caption ever!

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