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Cutler Create a Caption #3

It's time for another Jay Cutler "Create a Caption". Here we see Jay enjoying some quality time with Brian Urlacher. Tell us what's happening in this photo. Add your caption to the comments.

cutler urlacher.jpg

(Chicago Tribune photo)



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JDPuter said:


After watching several Cubs games earlier this season, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler considers possibilities for the team's water cooler and drink machine should he end up being terrible as a Chicago Bear later on this season.

adeezy said:


If this guy thinks I'M paying for dinner he's got a nother thing coming!

Fernando Diaz said:


Urlacher: Do you think he's thinking about me?
Cutler: Do you think he's thinking of me?

what do i win?

AndCounting said:


Brian: You are so dedicated, just like me. I hope you come watch me in the musical. Promise? Toodles.
Jay: Toodles.

MaddBearFan said:


Jay: He's gonna say it! I know he's gonna say it! If he calls me a Pu... again, man, I'm gonna wail on his sorry ass so bad he's gonna wish that it was Richard Dent and the Fridge hitting him from both sides!!! And I don't give a shit if the coach is watching or not!!
Brian: At least my shoes match my uniform, for a Pu... he can't dress very well!

gobroncos said:

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Brian, you know, I'm so glad that if we don't make it here with the Bears we have our back up careers as dancers in the show.

Elmhurst Erik said:



drumbum said:

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Urlacher: His head's so big his friggin' helmet doesn't even fit!

spudart said:


uh hai.

Matt said:


We're Screwed!

Mike said:

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This is how you do the sideline shuffle, do do do do.

JVP said:

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"Dude, Jay, listen. I'm sorry I said Orton's neckbeard looks better than your 13-year old face. It's fine that you can't grow facial hair. I don't have any either, no big deal. Now whattya say you come help me out of these shoulder pads and we'll go see how many times we can slap Marcus Harrison's belly before he can catch us. Deal?"

vugirl said:


Urlacher: You still not talking to me?
Cutler: I heard what you said about me.
Urlacher: I already explained that!
Cutler: Time for an apology, tough guy. I'm WAITING!

Rocketman said:

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Brian, how come ur not wearing the friendship bracelet I made for you?

NDUB said:

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psst, Brian, you don't really mean what you said, right?

Oso Ursus said:

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Dude, I can't concentrate on my throwing lanes. That Pep guy keeps sneaking up and goosing me...

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