Jay Cutler Superstar

Cutler Create a Caption #1

Sports blogs dominate the interwebs at 3 things: making lists, predictions and the "Create a Caption".

Here's how it works for the uninformed:
  1. Blogger posts picture
  2. Everyone else leaves comments with a clever caption for the photo
And then we all have a good laugh. Are you ready? Here's the first "Cutler Create a Caption" -- have at it.

Jay Cutler signs autographs at Bears camp



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JDPuter said:


Is that one of those Chicago-style hot dog stands I've heard so much about? Gonna have to stop by there after I'm done signing all these autographs.

Craig Kanalley said:


Jay ponders an exit strategy, as he's had a long day. "Don't I know that girl over there?"

Jimmy Greenfield said:


I love lamp.

Stormin Norman said:

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So wait, these people don't expect me to be the next John Elway?

justinjudex said:

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Matt, you have done a fantastic job. i am very proud of you. telling several people of your blog. Good luck

rex jaybels said:

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Did I leave the gas on?

UGODOG said:


"I'd rather stick a pin in my eye than do this again" Jay

MaddBearFan said:


Oh MY God!! She is so frickin' HOT!!! I can't believe how HOT she is!! Aw man, will you look at those...

dhaab said:


"Man, Bears fans are going to be SO disappointed in me. They even have fans writing blogs about me and calling me a "superstar...even though I've never really done much in the NFL."

FullbackDive said:


Is that Urlacher over there? I'll show him who's a pussy!

StevieY19 said:

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"So you have to take the peephole out....then turn it around? I think I can figure this out, I'm Jay Cutler."

Mike said:

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A fan extends a hand to grab Jay's last golden nose goblet.

Rocketman said:

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Hmmmmm I wonder if I look better with my cap like this or backwards

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