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What's For Dessert? Grown Up Kid Stuff (Your New Favorite Chocolate Sauce)

Maris Callahan

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You know what I really like? I mean really, really like? Maybe even draw-its-name-in-my-notebook like, call-it-by-a-code-name like? Yes, more-than-friends-like like?

Chocolate. I like my chocolate pure, unadulterated. Sure, I'll relent and admit that there is something to be said for raspberry chocolate truffles or walnuts in brownies,. I've even dabbled in mint chocolate martinis and that's about as adulterated as chocolate can get.

Given my love for chocolate it's no surprise that when I tasted a sample of GrownUp Kid Stuff, a premium chocolate sauce created by a husband-wife duo, I was hooked.

The sauce comes in two varieties: Original and Grand Marnier, made from cocoas that are sourced from producers associated with the International Cocoa Initiative and the World Cocoa Foundation. Both groups promote sustainable farming practices, farmer training and support and development of farmer cooperatives. To minimize environmental impact, this family-owned small business also supports local prairie restoration, helping to restore prairies to their natural state before humans began impacting the environment.

There are three main reasons why I like this. The first is that I first spotted it at Southport Grocery. I'm 99% sure I would like anything I found within the doors of Southport Grocery. The second reason is that it is made by a small, family-owned business. It's more than a source of revenue for the people who make it; it's their passion.

Finally, the third reason I liked GrownUp Kid Stuff enough to dedicate a full blog post to it is because of what chocolate sauce symbolizes. If you're eating chocolate sauce, there is a good chance that you're pouring it over something that's already decadent - a rich, lemon-infused pound cake, a velvet scoop (or three) of vanilla ice cream.

It's, almost quite literally, the icing on the cake. For information on where to purchase visit



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